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USP NHL: WINNIPEG JETS AT ANAHEIM DUCKS S HKN USA CAWhen is the last time Teemu Selanne got his house foreclosed on? When is the last time he spoke in a faggy little french accent? When is the last time he had the letters in his name be “aille” all to make the “I” sound? When is the last time Teemu left his team to go play for the Red Wings cause that’s the only way he could win a cup only he couldn’t cause he sucks and CAROLINA beat him one year and THE MIGHTY DUCKS OF ANAHEIM BEAT HIM THE NEXT YEAR?

Teemu Selanne. T88mu S8lanne8. A better player, a better human and a better foreigner than that shithead Luc Robitaille.

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  1. IRS Says:

    Luc sucks it RIP OFF ARTIST didn’t he have to auction off all his old pucks to pay for his drug habit of his mortgage or something?

  2. king_stoner Says:

    Have you seen the pictures of Luc in a g string? Pretty gay but oh so hot!

  3. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner is such a fag. GO make out with another dude you weirdo.

  4. homosezwut Says:

    Kingstoner likes boys.

  5. kingster Says:

    sounds like he might be gay

  6. Tom Brady Says:

    He creeps me out.

  7. Realist Says:

    I’m lost on the whole Carolina thing.

  8. kingster Says:

    Fuck you and your details.

  9. king_stoner Says:

    Wow. What an amazing in depth hockey blog this is.

  10. kingster Says:


  11. king_stoner Says:

    Haha haha haha haha. 3 straight home ice game 7 losses. Fucking weak. Worst team, worst fanbase, worst announcers and the absolute worst “hockey blogger”

    Go kill yourself faggot.

  12. king_stoner Says:

    So close yet still a horse shit hockey team

  13. king_stoner Says:

    What will next year’s theme be? Unfinished business part 3 or 4?

  14. kingster Says:


  15. King_stoner Says:

    When will the ducks get their 2nd cup? Anytime soon?

  16. King_stoner Says:

    Kinds have 2 cups. How many do the ducks have?

  17. King_stoner Says:

    Kings* damn auto correct. That was a Bruce boudreau playoff type mistake. I’ll be sure to not make that mistake 3 years in a row at home lolol

  18. kingster Says:

    KINGSTONER IS A FAGGOT COULD IT BE THE FELON IN DISGUISE????? Rip off any cruise ships lately

  19. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner can’t even spell “kings” what a fucking invalid piece of shit fUCK YOU KINGSTONER YOU PUSSY

  20. King_stoner Says:

    It’s awesome to know that this site is actually ran by me. I have you wrapped around my finger like your lips wrap around your dead dad’s cock, you’re a dirty piece of shit… Could you be Corey perry in disguise.

    While I was away not 1 post or comment. Now that I came back. Bam, here you go again. Almost 3 months with nothing. Lame. Pathetic. So fitting for ducks fans

  21. kingster Says:

    Learn how to spell you retard. Why don’t you go get arrested you fat fuck.

  22. King_stoner Says:

    What did I spell wrong?

  23. kingster Says:

    Fix the grammar too you fucking GED dicklicker

  24. King_stoner Says:

    “National Hockey League defenceman Clayton Stoner of the Anaheim Ducks is facing five charges under the Wildlife Act related to the trophy hunting of a large male grizzly bear beloved by aboriginals on B.C.’s central coast.”

    Wow what a piece of shit. What’s wrong with the ducks organization? At least your dad was only charged with one count of sexual abuse to a gay minor.

  25. King_stoner Says:

    What happened? Did I make you run away from your own website? Nothing else to say?

  26. kingster Says:

    What an idiot. Your team is conducting “don’t beat your wife seminars”, half the team are drug addicts so stupid they bring drugs into pool parties in Vegas, and you are crying like a baby that Stoner killed a bear. Fuck that bear, maybe Clayton needed a new rug.

  27. King_stoner Says:

    Tell jackoff silfverberg to keep his head up lol. What a pussy

  28. kingster Says:

    Lets get back to the point. Richards, Voynov, Corvo, Robitaille, Stoll, Lombardi. Gretzky, Mcnall all creeps, criminals and fags.

  29. King_stoner Says:

    I like dick

  30. King_stoner Says:

    Going back to changing my comments. How sad that your life revolves around what I do. I love it. I’m surprised you haven’t posted comments under all those fake names you normally use to make it look like you have followers. Haha

    Enjoy that awesome life you live.

  31. King_stoner Says:

    You do realize is just me n you on this site right? No one else ever comes to this site. Not any other ducks fan, not any other kings fan and no other hockey fans come here. I only come here to make fun of you n your shitty franchise.

  32. kingster Says:

    Why don’t you want to talk about all the faggy criminals you admire so much?

  33. King_stoner Says:

    I don’t admire your gay dad

  34. kingster Says:

    Are you in love with me Kingstoner?

  35. King_stoner Says:

    I’m in love with the 1-6 ducks and now getzlaughedat had his vagina hurt. That’s awesome.

  36. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner can’t count! Don’t look now faggy, but you are an obese loser that likes the smelly underpants of old dudes. FUCKING SICKO

  37. King_stoner Says:

    Wow what a burn. You just embarrassed me so bad. I don’t know what to do with my life now.

    I’m obese AND i like old guys smelly underpants? I’m gonna sue you!

    I love how it took you over a week to come up with that mega insult

  38. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner is a FAG

  39. King_stoner Says:

    Wow. A month later he responds with a doozy of a zinger like that one.

    I have an honest question for you… how is Bruce Boudreau still an nhl coach? Is it him that sucks or the team he is currently coaching?

  40. kingster Says:


  41. King_stoner Says:

    How’s your awesome life going?

  42. kingster Says:

    KS stop sending me gay porn you creepy motherfucker

  43. King_stoner Says:

    Wow. I had anal sex 4 times last night. My ass hurts bad

  44. King_stoner Says:

    What can i say? Your mom has a huge cock. Of course my ass would hurt

  45. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner is gay! I knew it! Why don’t you start a petition to retire Lecavalier’s number in LA you fucking dipshit cocksucker!

  46. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner would suck his own dick if he could only reach. WHAT A GAY GAY MAN

  47. King_stoner Says:

    Wow. How’s life without me? Where’s your fanbase? Not one post from someone other than me or you in almost a year.

  48. King_stoner Says:

    January 25th of last year to be exact

  49. kingster Says:

    You are still in love with me, huh?

  50. King_stoner Says:

    Well it’s official. Its been over a year without a comment from anyone other than you or me. Pathetic. Congrats ducks fans

  51. Dick Pole Says:

    What happened to Teh Blog?

  52. Kings_stoner Says:


  53. Kings_stoner Says:

    Nothing new added… Did you actually kill yourself or too much daddy rape

  54. King_stoner Says:

    Getzlaughedat tore his labia minora… Out a few weeks

  55. kingster Says:

    Holy shit you are still here? FUCK YOU FAGGOT

  56. Dick Pole Says:

    Ducks rool. Bring back teh boreds!!

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