…. well that was lame. Here’s a 28 year old multimillionaire who is found alone, dead. No sign of struggle, no indication he’s having any life threatening “head” symptoms. He’s a participant in the NHL’s substance abuse program … and the News tries to find a story. Could the fighting have killed him in his sleep? Can I make a name for myself exposing the corrupt NHL?

Nice try idiot, he died from an “accidental” mixture of Oxycodone and Alcohol” … ¬†code for ¬†Overdose.

And if I hear one more reporter or hockey fan WHO NEVER MET BOOGARD IN THEIR LIVES talk about how tragic this is and what a great guy he was, I’m gonna punch them harder than Boogard punched Fedoruk that one time.

2 Responses to “So, to all the idiots trying to link concussion syndrome to Boogard’s death …”

  1. mmmcammy Says:

    I’m still so shocked by this. He never even played for a favorite team or was a player I particularly knew a ton about or watched a lot, but I still feel like I lost a friend. Rest in peace, big guy.

  2. hockeyfights.com reader Says:

    Rest in peace boogey man

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