What is it with Kings beating and raping women?

Corvo punches one out in a bar, allegedly.
Palffy punches one out in his house, allegedly.
Hardy tries to get it on with his daughter, allegedly.
Doughty rapes one, allegedly.
Voynov sends one to ER, allegedly.

How bout they allegedly leave women alone?

Interesting that all of them either stayed with or were later re-hired by the team. I guess, allegedly, it’s ok to allegedly beat and/or allegedly rape women if you are a King player/coach. Allegedly.

20 Responses to “Corvo, Palffy, Hardy, Doughty, Voynov”

  1. kingster Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful expose of the sick and twisted King organization.

  2. kingster Says:

    Kingstoners a fag!

  3. slavas squeeze Says:

    Kingstoner is too big a pussy to post here.

  4. kingstoners mom Says:

    I am guilty of domestic violence. I used to punch kingstoner in the nuts when he was a little boy.

  5. Dick Licker Says:

    kingstoner is afraid!

  6. king_stoner Says:

    Stop saying that shit about me this is bullshit I will sue and shut down your sight you jerk.

  7. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner, kindly don’t post on my site anymore, you disgust me. Thanks.

  8. kingster Says:

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  9. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner must have a yeast infection.

    OK look asshole, I’ll unblock you for now. Go ahead try and say something.

  10. kingster Says:

    Wow I removed that last comment cause you are not allowed to use your real name. Dumb.

  11. king_stoner Says:

    Show 1 pic, post my name, post my address, post my phone number. I’ve already proved you don’t know shit. Your a complete idiot.

    Your site is fucking gay as fuck. Has to be the worst blog site in the history of the Internet.

  12. kingster Says:

    I love it when stupid people say “your dumb as shit”. LEARN HOW TO SPELL.

  13. king_stoner Says:

    Sweet site bro. Way to keep up with the season. Worst fucking hockey blog site ever.

  14. kingster Says:

    I’d say your boy Slava, now charged with the despicable crime of beating his wife, is pretty current news.

  15. king_stoner Says:

    Ballard is my hero. He leg raped that faggy bitch of duck corry fairy.

    Hopefully it’s career ending

  16. kingster Says:

    You are 12 years old, aren’t you?

  17. king_stoner Says:

    I heard they had to insert pins into his leg and remove animals/dildos from his ass

  18. kingster Says:

    Do you have any “jokes” that aren’t really creepy sick gay sex jokes? I think you might have something on your mind you sick homo.

  19. king_stoner Says:

    What are you talking about. You had me banned. This is one of your alter egos typing. You may have a sick mind. You gay fuck

  20. kingster Says:

    SLAVA not good news today! Fucking wife beater.

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