Well, it was my contention a while back, and it seems to be true. Here he is, a guy constantly in communication with Luc Robitaille. A guy whose JOB WAS CREATED by Luc, who was interviewed and hired by Luc. And a guy who claimed over and over (and even headlines his “about this blog” snippet with) that his work is not subjected to review or comment by the team. A guy who repeatedly claims he is not a “fan” and will not mince words when discussing the teams problems.

And Luc Robitaille, his boss, ends up in financial trouble, defaulting on a home loan .. now allegedly because of his connection to a jailed financial scam artist … he’s the PRESIDENT OF BUSINESS OPERATIONS and he’s in this ohh so vulnerable, ohh so public FORECLUSURE jam.

And Rich has NOT ONE WORD about it. He blogs about 17 times a day. He gives you the line combos from practice, the results of ping pong tournaments and “inside” looks at Jim Fox’s wine selection and birthday party, but he won’t comment on Luc Robitaille’s foreclosure?

I told you so!

He gave up any claim to being a journalist the day he took a paycheck from the Kings. What a FARCE!

3 Responses to “RICH HAMMOND “not” A JOURNALIST AT ALL?????”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    apparently diversification isn’t taught in what ever Canadian high school equivalency business class “Lucky” may or may not have taken.

  2. Dick Pole Says:

    Can you blame the fucking guy?

    Think about it. You work for a bottom-rung newspaper covering a bottom-rung beat. You then wake up one day and realize that, personally, you’re not only going nowhere fast, but also that your entire industry is a massive sink hole. I mean really — these jobs are being eroded at close to the speed of light, mostly in favor of unpaid or poorly paid bloggers (read: clowns) like Mat Berry. You’re offered a job in a related field (public relations) that lets you leverage your education and past experience while letting you sniff more jocks that you could dream imaginable.

    If you ask me, the guy made a brilliant move. It’s just pretty bush league that he refuses to call a spade a spade. Just come out and admit that you’re a PR tool, guy. At least you have a job. That’s pretty cool beans in and of itself these days.

  3. kingster Says:

    That’s all. Take down the “my opinions are not subject to team review”. That’s like George Parros saying “the team doesn’t make me get in fights”. No, they don’t. But you’ll be fired the first day you don’t.

    If I was a jocksniffing, stupid, halfgay Kingfan who dreamed one day he might get to hang out with the most peripheral King player for 30 seconds in a restroom line, I’d be fine with Hammond’s blog if he only stopped pretending to be a journalist. He essentially writes the articles for the game program.

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