So for 11 million bucks, what did Anaheim get from this idiot?

44 games and 7 goals. Three year deal – 11 million bucks.

Edmonton? What did Edmonton get for their portion of his insane 27 million dollar contract?

An average of 40 some games a year and 10 goals a year over 3 long and miserable seasons of watching this guy wear $4,000 suits and argue with the trainer about if he was healthy enough to play! Don’t forget of course, the Hershey Bears got him for part of that time cause he was such a malcontented trade-demanding asshole that Edmonton paid him an NHL salary then ultimately banned him to the AHL and bought his stupid contract out! The guy was constantly claiming injury and the trainer insisting he was fine. Fuck.

Don’t forget, Hershey isn’t Edmonton’s AHL team, nope. Edmonton loaned him to Hershey (Washington’s team) because they did not want him around their young players!

“Well, he was great in Montreal, don’t forget that”. Um, no. In Montreal, before robbing them blind with ONE good season and a 5 year boondoggle of a contract, “Shelly” played a grand total of ZERO full seasons … years of 52, 34 and 63 games during which he scored 21 goals TOTAL.

His stat line laid left to right looks like Hakeem Olajuwon and Wilt Chamberlain standing in a midget line up. 2 good seasons amid almost 20 seasons of injury, poor performance, fancy hairdos and a stint in the AHL at age 35.

And now he is done? I hope. Humanity hopes.

Forget his ridiculous life dating pin-up models and bay watch girls, all while supposedly recovering from injury. Lets talk about the wife he divorced, then realized he’d fucked up on the alimony, got her to re-marry him then divorced immediately after she signed a prenup (that was sort of a post, pre and during “nup” considering this guys whacked out lifestyle). Lets not forget the child going through that TMZ divorce.

This is a bad person. Fuck you Sheldon Souray!


In other Sheldon Souray news:


  1. monk Says:

    He was a good add for his one year in Anaheim and insurance covers his injury years. No harm here, unless you are bummed Kelly Kelly is off the market now.

  2. king_stoner Says:

    I wouldn’t say biggest douche bag ever. your whore mother and child raping dad take that honor

  3. king_stoner Says:

    I see I’m not banned

  4. king_stoner Says:

    how come the heater is not in the lineup tonight? Is it because he was out driving his sports car with his best friend last night?

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