MLB: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers

137 Responses to “Who fucking cares, it’s baseball season.”

  1. king_stoner Says:


  2. king_stoner Says:

    **** BANNED CAUSE HE’S GAY ****

  3. kingster Says:

    A gem by Kershaw again last night. Fuck you Kingstoner you banned motherfucker!

  4. king_stoner Says:
  5. king_stoner Says:
  6. king_stoner Says:
  7. kingster Says:

    OK, don’t tell anyone but I have it set up so the IDIOT STUPID BRAINDEAD RETARD Kingstoner types these gross homoerotic things and only he can see. On the main board it’s invisible, just shows up blank! But when he looks at his IP address it appears as if it’s still there. What a fucking stupid sack of shit. I hope he dies pretty soon.

  8. king_stoner Says:

    You know what sucks, is that I keep coming back here and my thumb is still stuck up my ass! No matter how good the pro sports team I follow is, I’m still a guy working in a cubicle with his thumb stuck way up his ass. Sucks to be me, I guess.

  9. king_stoner Says:


  10. king_stoner Says:


  11. king_stoner Says:

    x xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xx x x xxxxxxx x x xxxx x x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. king_stoner Says:

    I’m 12

  13. king_stoner Says:

    my mom suspended my computer privileges

  14. king_stoner Says:

    I’m fingering myself

  15. king_stoner Says:


  16. king_stoner Says:

    I dont spel good

  17. kingster Says:

    You don’t smell good either, dipshit!

  18. BANMASTER Says:


  19. BANMASTER Says:


  20. kingster Says:


  21. king_stoner Says:

    I wish we had won the first cup DAMN

  22. king_stoner Says:

    Banmaster owns



  24. BANDANA Says:


  25. BAN DE SOLEIL Says:

    For the tropical tan

  26. BANDANA Says:

    Choke yourself with a BANdana





  29. kingster Says:

    THe first CUP is the deepest, baby you know the first cup is the deepest

    When it comes to being FIRST, you suck

    When it comes to being last, you suck

    YOU SUCK KINGSTONER DIE A MISERABLE DEATH EATING TWINKIES AND SMOKING CIGS and getting new tattoos and never showering you filthy fucking LOSER!!!!!!

  30. king_stoner Says:


  31. BANNED Says:




  33. king_stoner Says:


  34. king_stoner Says:


  35. king_stoner Says:

    I’m fucked now

  36. king_stoner Says:


  37. king_stoner Says:

    My finger reaches all the way up my ass

  38. king_stoner Says:

    I have children they all have SIDS.

  39. king_stoner Says:

    i don’t know the names of the players on the other team

  40. king_stoner Says:

    Dustin Brown is Corky

  41. king_stoner Says:

    I wish we’d won the Cup first, everything else is meaningless

  42. king_stoner Says:


  43. king_stoner Says:

    How bout them Ducks? Louis Leblanc for the win

  44. king_stoner Says:

    I have nothing in my life, just the hope that Toe will one day talk to me

  45. king_stoner Says:

    I’m a shut in who can’t wipe his own ass STOP DELETING MY POSTS

  46. king_stoner Says:

    I’ve got a boner

  47. king_stoner Says:

    I’m not smart

  48. king_stoner Says:

    Duck are first to the puck and therefore Ducks are:

    KINGS of california!!!!!

  49. king_stoner Says:

    I’m a FAG

  50. king_stoner Says:

    I love Toe. I mean not like a brother or a friend, I have LOVE for him. Sexual love.

  51. king_stoner Says:

    I don’t live in San Diego, I live inland, in a cesspool of a town in a fucking shitty apartment. I have to go to the laundromat, that’s how big a fucking loser I am. And I go once a month even if my undies aren’t that dirty.

  52. king_stoner Says:

    I went to a parade. I’m gay!!

  53. king_stoner Says:

    First to the cup always wins

  54. hamertime Says:

    Hmmm give them 47 years and I’ll be the Ducks have like 6 cups.

  55. king_stoner Says:

    I’ve got a really weird thing about daddy rape. I wonder if I’m blocking something out about my childhood. Oh wait, we never did find out who my daddy was. WAAAAAh

  56. king_stoner Says:

    I have a vagina. It’s filthy.

  57. king_stoner Says:

    I don’t understand sports.

  58. king_stoner Says:

    If I entered a tournament 46 times and won twice, and another guy entered the tournament 21 times and won once, I’d not be talking shit.

  59. king_stoner Says:

    I have serious emotional sexual issues.

  60. king_stoner Says:

    My whole life revolves around Toe.

  61. king_stoner Says:

    Seriously I should be on some police watch list I have very sick sexual ideas. I think I am a filthy waste of life.

  62. king_stoner Says:

    2 cups

  63. king_stoner Says:

    I wish I was smarter.

  64. king_stoner Says:

    Not to mention the scumbagiest fans in all of sports

  65. king_stoner Says:

    We wanted to be first. Damnit.

  66. king_stoner Says:

    Yeah we did want to be first but you beat us to it. I’m mentally incompetent.

  67. king_stoner Says:

    I think Toe is a LOT smarter than me.

  68. king_stoner Says:

    I like men.

  69. king_stoner Says:

    I have three testicles.

  70. king_stoner Says:

    I am drunk pretty much 24/7

  71. king_stoner Says:

    I have never kissed a girl.

  72. king_stoner Says:

    Nachos for breakfast!

  73. king_stoner Says:

    why don’t I have any friends?

  74. king_stoner Says:

    I don’t understand how the internets works

  75. king_stoner Says:

    OH now we are fucked. Kesler is a King killer.

  76. king_stoner Says:

    Kings are my most beloved.

  77. king_stoner Says:

    I whack it to videos of King players fighting.

  78. king_stoner Says:

    Toe, I can not quit you. tongue kiss me?

  79. king_stoner Says:

    I’m rubbing one out right now.

  80. king_stoner Says:

    wow toe. getting a gay are we. jeez, i bet my mom gets raped by donkeys and its possible my dad might have raped you.

    if my math is correct……… 4 plus 6 equals 21.

  81. king_stoner Says:

    I can’t sleep at night I just drink the cheapest vodka on sale all night long


    My boy likes other boys. So sad for me.


    Kingstoner is a fag.

  84. king_stoner Says:

    Don’t hurt me toe

  85. king_stoner Says:

    I love this site

  86. king_stoner Says:

    Kings = fat disgusting loser fans on welfare

    Ducks = fans all own sailboats

  87. king_stoner Says:

    Ducks spring/summer golf report?

  88. king_stoner Says:

    With selanne retired, how does it feel knowing Paul kariya was your best player ever to wear the mighty jersey.

  89. king_stoner Says:

    How does it feel to know that some stupid stoner from so cali adores you and comes to your site every day

  90. king_stoner Says:

    face it kingster…

    I like gay sex

  91. king_stoner Says:

    I have a dick up my ass RIGHT NOW. I told the guy to hold it while I post on Toes site.

  92. king_stoner Says:

    I come here every day cause I love Toe. And when I say come, I mean come.

  93. king_stoner Says:

    If I had a dream job, it would be gymnast.

  94. kingster Says:

    Dude, you are sick.

  95. king_stoner Says:

    If you had a dream job, it would be a well respected n knowledgeable hockey blogger.

  96. kingster Says:

    See? Now that’s actually kind of funny and you didn’t have to go to the gay rape card with disgusting graphics. Maybe there is hope for you after all. Unchain that little boy you have tied up in the shed and we’ll send the cops over tomorrow.

  97. king_stoner Says:

    I am going to stick a piccolo pete up my ass and set it off. Truth be told I love the DUCKS. DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS

  98. king_stoner Says:

    Toe, lets set up a meeting? Mimosas for brunch? I’m so gay it’ll be FABulous.

  99. king_stoner Says:

    I’m spending my July 4 weekend reading and re-reading Toe’s blog.

  100. king_stoner Says:

    pretty much my life has sucked since my mom makes me do my own laundry. she said my filthy underwear … just too much for her. Plus the sticky socks.

  101. king_stoner Says:

    I got my period.

  102. king_stoner Says:

    If gay is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

  103. king_stoner Says:

    I don’t know anything about hockey. Literally nothing.

  104. king_stoner Says:

    I can’t quit you, Toe.

  105. kingster Says:

    Join the message boards you pussy, you have nothing but time, it appears.

  106. king_stoner Says:

    I’m afraid to join the message board because I am not to smart and I don’t spell wel and like that.

  107. king_stoner Says:

    I come back here every 5 minutes cause I’m in love with Toe

  108. king_stoner Says:

    I am still pretty angry the Duck got their cup first. We tried for 40 some years, they got theirs way faster. They are a much better franchise. We are the weak little sisters. SHIT

  109. king_stoner Says:

    I have reverted to filthy disgusting only-a-really-fucked-up-in-the-head-kinda-guy-could-imagine incestuous references cause I can’t talk hockey.

  110. king_stoner Says:

    I’m afraid of the message board because my hockey knowledges is so weak. In fact, I only know what happened in hockey since the Raiders moved and I had to find some other way to vent my pent up anger at being a stupid fucking fat pothead dumbass.

  111. king_stoner Says:

    Are you an only child?

  112. king_stoner Says:

    I am not ugly so stops saying that.

  113. king_stoner Says:

    can you tell my mom to stop sending me naked pics?

    its not that i dont wanna see myr mom like that, its the fact that theyre naked pics w/ you. you have a flat belly.

  114. king_stoner Says:

    2 cups or not, I’m still a big, fat pig.

  115. king_stoner Says:

    I am so pissed about Rosie and the View.

  116. king_stoner Says:

    Do you think my fascination with pedophilia is indicative of any other problems?

  117. king_stoner Says:

    When is the last time I beat my wife? What kind of question is that, I’ve never even held hands with a girl.

  118. king_stoner Says:

    Stop it Toe you are being a jerk.

  119. king_stoner Says:

    Ok enough with the jokes.

    How about you write a actual decent hockey article for once in your life

  120. kingster Says:

    “an” decent hockey article? GO GET YOUR GED you fucking Moron

  121. king_stoner Says:

    My finger reaches far into my colon.

  122. king_stoner Says:

    I have nacho cheese sauce all over my underwear. It’s like dying and going to heaven.

  123. king_stoner Says:

    I sharted.

  124. king_stoner Says:

    You got me toe. You got me real good.

    I don’t know how I’ll live after those insults.

    I see you’re brain is far superior than mine.

    I’ve been defeated. Good bye

  125. kingster Says:


  126. kingster Says:

    Awesome, I think he really left!

  127. kingster Says:


  128. king_stoner Says:

    i just got my 2014 Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup DVD!!!

    wanna come over n watch it with me?

  129. kingster Says:

    FUCK he’s back.

  130. kingster Says:

    HA HA I banned him he’s gone forever!

  131. king_stoner Says:

    1. i was never banned!

    2. i love how much content this site has since i left. wow 1 comment in a month

    3. your dad treats your asshole like ray rice treats his wifes face.

  132. kingster Says:

    what an asshole! I finally capitulate to your crying plea to release the ban and this is the thanks I get? DIE FUCKFACE!!!

  133. king_stoner Says:

    why dont you just ban me for life. stop being a faggot pussy n doing every thing i tell you to do.

    you just admitted that you released the ban because I TOLD YOU TO DO IT

  134. king_stoner Says:

    still havent seen a ducks report. whats a matter? your hands busy jerking your moms cock off

  135. king_stoner Says:

    wow still no ban huh? what a pussy

  136. king_stoner Says:

    peace out… see you when you win a cup to match our 2 beautiful cups

  137. kingster Says:

    now you admit to being banned. Try and keep your story straight next time nimrod!

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