What a let down

Author: kingster




This is the weakest “rivalry” series of all time. The fans care, but these players are respectful and careful and downright “nice” to each other.


For years we have heard that the Ducks and Kings will not be a true rivalry (though it’s been one big time among the fans for years) until they meet in a playoff series. And now we have a playoff series, and a good one. And now what? Does either player hate the other team? Do the coaches hate each other? Do the front offices hate each other? The mayors have a “bet”-  loser has to go do charity work in the other town … the LA Mayor will teach a music class for one day in an Anaheim classroom – OH THE HATRED!


Where’s the “brawl in the hall”. Where’s the fighting? Where’s the ‘guarantee’ wins from the Captains or the “they got lucky” or “we got robbed” quotes? These guys all hang out and walk the beach in their short shorts in the offseason together, then go hang out at an oxygen bar or something and wear those thin logo-ed vneck tee shirts. Then they go to the Maserati dealership and off to buy new Breitling watches.  A bunch of pampered pussies in this series.


There is no violence on the ice. No nasty quotes. No cheap shots. No antagonizing. It’s good hockey, for sure, but it’s not any more a rivalry than it ever was, and all you assholes who have been running around pontificating about how LA v Anaheim can never be like Rangers/Islanders until they meet in the playoffs … do you see how stupid you are now?

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