Author: kingster

You heard it here first. Benn and Seguin involved in horrible hair-pulling locker room fight before game one. Both “quit the game of hockey” and the Stars fall 11-0, 12-0 and 4-0. Bettman steps in and calls mercy rule. DUCKS IN THREE!!!




5 Responses to “DUCKS IN THREE!”

  1. Starman Says:

    You idiot it takes 4 to win. 4 out of 7.

  2. Starfanboy Says:

    Yea you stupid idiot! Benn is super hot btw!

  3. yo mama Says:

    Do you think you are a comedian or something? Who is the idiot that runs this idiotic plase it’s not funny it’s stupid. FUCK YOU JERK.

  4. kingstoner Says:

    Fuck YOU TOE. Kings will win tomorrow and Ducks lose this thing is over you suck fag.

  5. kingster Says:

    HOLY FUCK!!!

    Fuckin Zampelli has sabotaged my message board again. What a fucking dick. I swear to God I will fuck him up. Expect a fix by tomorrow on message boards and expect to see CRASH tomorrow. I will not be fucked with by that octogeneriatric pot smoking two-faced hacker.

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