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Holy crap, Giguere and Selanne made 312 billion dollars each in their careers in Anaheim. All they did was get to play a game they love, travel around in chartered planes and sleep in luxury hotels while making a ton of cash and working most seasons for only 7 months of the year. So they retire. So what? They both needed to retire years ago. Selanne can barely play in one of the three zones, and he doesn’t do that well anymore (9 goal “victory lap”) season.  Giguere has been a hack back-up for a decade.

Giguere and Selanne should stand and applaud while I take a victory lap for spending a fortune to watch them play … this last couple years at half speed. If anyone should cry it’s me the 41 times a year I spend 400  bucks to watch a game.

It’s bad enough I  have to watch these two melt ice for the last couple of years, but now I have to watch them do a figure skating routine while adults in the crowd around me are crying like a bunch of babies? Get the fuck off me.


10 Responses to “QUIT BLUBBERING”

  1. golfnut Says:


  2. Kingstoner Says:

    ha ha you stupid toe you are still obssessing on me aren’t you you jerk. i bet a bottle of mccallan your ducks lose in 4 you gonna take my bet or pussy out like you’re mom always does you dickheded bastard son of a bitch.

  3. Hamertime Says:

    Fuckin Toe is the greatest. Way to go big guy. Fuck Artee.

  4. Toe Blake Says:

    Thanks Hamer.

  5. Hamertime Says:

    You called yourself “Big Guy”? What a homo

  6. kingster Says:

    You called me that, freak.

  7. Artee Says:

    Don’t worry bout that romanowski looking close-talker, Toe, he’s just being a hater.

  8. Monk Says:

    Hamertime cried.

  9. Mike Z from LGK Says:

    Fuck you Toe none of this is funny, show a little class or respect you fucking jerk, even King fans clapped for Teemu and gave him a paddle board, what did Duck fans do, that’s right nothing!

  10. Dick Pole Says:

    This was actually pretty funny. Maybe I should read this blog thingie more often.

    Golfnut smack is pretty strong.

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