Cheap is Cheap

Author: kingster

I mean it never gets old I guess. Looking for a “deal”. Evaluating wine taste based on if you paid 4.99 or 5.99 for the bottle. Going to restaurants based on who has the best happy hour prices and ordering a bunch of appetizers right at 5:59 pm. Going on a hockey bbs to find the cheapest way to take your kids on a weekend trip:

“Got a cabin in Sugarloaf for February as Wifey has been wanting to go snowboarding with the kids. Anyone know some ways to save some dough for lift tickets and/or equipment rental or any other tips or advice to do it on the cheap?”


I guess the world needs ditch diggers and all, but for crying out loud does everything have to be “on the cheap”?

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  1. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner is a fag and “hipcheck” is the cheapest motherfucker ever.

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