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LAK Dustin Brown Diving against Jaromir Jagr


Is this guy kidding? This is your captain? How many times does he have to be called for this particular brand of pussy penalty before the league does something about it?



You see, hockey is NOT about trying to trick the official. Sure, you might lobby on your issue here and there with the officials. It is a tough game and you need to take every advantage you can. But it’s HOCKEY, not soccer. And that is supposed to be what distinguishes this sport from others. Hockey is tough, honest, true. Right? Isn’t that what everyone says? Hockey is not soft, it doesn’t fall down on contact. Hockey doesn’t lie or cheat or hide things. It’s a mans game – simple, to the point. Straight not crooked.


But this guy does it over and over. He hits someone from behind then runs and hides. He gets barely touched and he falls down. He whips his head back.


It’s simpler than that. He’s a CHEATER. A pussy.


It’s sad cause this guy is good at the game. He’s strong. He can take a hit and he can give one. But instead of doing it like Mark Messier, he does it like one of these sea salt lotion salespersons in the mall. Sneaky, lying. Tries to get something for nothing. He’s the 800 number calling at dinnertime announcing you won a contest and all they need is your credit card and you can cancel at any time. He’s the free weekend in Palm Springs you just gotta go to the 45 minute speech. For you King guys to relate, he’s the nacho salesperson who goes really light on the cheese sauce or the Mcdonalds worker who fills up your 84 ounce cola with ice so you don’t get your calories.





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    Kingstoner is such a pussy. You think maybe he died?

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