Not sure how a guy this big and strong can be such a woman. But here’s the story. This week the Ducks have a game vs their archivals, the LA Kings. Shelly is on LTIR (much to the Ducks relief as now they get out of that albatross of a cap hit and they don’t have to pay so much to resurface the ice from his fucking clumsy slow-assed skating). The night of the Duck game, DURING the Duck game “Shelly” tweets from the ANGEL game. That’s right, the out-out-of-the-playoff meaningless ANGEL game. He’s there with his skanky WWF Diva big boobed girlfriend.

So, I thought, what the fuck dude? Your team is playing a game 20 miles away and you aren’t gonna even go watch? You aren’t gonna stay home and watch on TV? Or at least, if you are gonna go the the LOSER Angel game you aren’t gonna tweet about you partying it up with your silicone sister, right?
So I tweet him the question “Didn’t your team have a game tonight?”


Oh fuck, Shelly is NOT used to being questioned!


As you read this, keep in mind his lame ass attack on me “you didn’t watch the game either” is first of all STUPID even if true. I’m not paid 4 million a year to be ON the team. But it’s just factually all fucked up due to 1) I watched every minute of the game and 2 ) It in fact was on Prime Ticket!!

He’s had the reputation as kind of a “me me me” guy.


3 Responses to ““Shelly” Souray – turns out he’s a big pussy.”

  1. Duckhater Says:

    Fuck him, he’s an over-the-hill pretty boy

  2. king_stoner Says:

    wow. ducks get embarrassed in a loss and the kings win! what a great way to start the season.

    better start that ducks spring/summer golf report soon!

  3. kingster Says:

    Hey DIPSHIT see any games lately????FUCK YOUF!!!!!!

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