Author: kingster

Even Eklund won’t have this guy (for free) it appears. Sort of like when they felt bad about firing Kramer cause he didn’t even work there. Allegedly. I was going to use a picture of him but he would then send me one thousand emails threatening to sue me, completely mis-using legal terms and claiming that Piston would come and be his star witness! Can you imagine a life where you copy a guy named Dancing Barry and can’t pull it off? Where you have the personality of Corey Feldman and the looks of Marty Feldman? The saddest part is that even after all these years of trying to act like a man, of talking to men and latching on to other men to try and erase a childhood full of watching Broadway plays and interacting only with stagehands, he still has to be the center of attention unless and until he gets his way. And when that happens he just starts pouting anyway. This is all alleged by the way cause I sure as fuck don’t want to have my inbox flooded with emails misspelling the word “cease” and ending with a threat to call my parents or something. Either way I don’t see him as the LA Kings correspondent at Hockey Buzz any longer. Where will King fans get there stupid trade rumors now?

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