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  1. Realist Says:

    What the Stanley Cup Finals told me was that the three best teams in the NHL are, in order…

    1. Chicago
    2. Detroit
    3. Anaheim

    Fuck me, if only the Wings could have scored one more goal. I think it’s a pretty good bet that Detroit just might be playing Anaheim or Chicago in the playoffs again next year. I think I can put up with the West Coast trips as long as it’s in the Finals.

  2. king_stoner Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha at #3. how can your name be realist when you dont know what reality is?

    hammertime loves to fist realist kids while toe watches!

  3. king_stoner Says:

    wow toe, you gotta stop sending me pics of hammertime fisting his dirty whore moms disease infested asshole. i know you hate him too but its just disgusting.

    and when you said that realist lived in a dirty box since he is homeless… i didnt know you meant hammertimes mothers pussy. thats dirtier than living in a cardboard box in Detroit.

    and im still laughing at the top comment in this post. just pathetic! anaheim the 3rd best team in the league. you didnt even make it out of the first round so how could the finals show you that anaheim is one of the best teams. and no boston? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. king_stoner Says:

    making fun of toe and the ducks is way too easy!


  5. Realist Says:

    Listen idiot. *I* said that Anaheim was the 3rd best team, not Toe. He’ll still probably tell you they were #1 somehow. You’re so fucking dumb you still can’t even figure out who the fuck you’re talking to, which is probably why you spend most of your time here arguing with yourself, you fucking MORAN!

  6. king_stoner Says:

    moran? toe youre a moron! learn english you french faggot

  7. Realist Says:

    Nothing gets by you.

  8. king_stoner Says:

    Hey realist. Can you ask toe when he’s gonna come through on his threats to me. If love to see all the dirt he has on me.

    Come on toe. .. do your best to shut me up.

    Hammer Time aka toe. .. how did golfing in Torrey pines go. I didn’t see that you stopped by.

  9. Hamertime Says:

    You fat, ignorant, child molesting creep. I told you to ask your neighbors about me visiting your neighborhood. These people are all praying to baby Jesus that I mutilate your body and set it on fire. FREEK!!!!

  10. king_stoner Says:

    so what youre saying is that youre a pussy and dont want any pice of me.

    they told me that you looked like a big strong guy with huge hands… i told them that those werent your hands, that was each one of your kids with your fist up their asses.

    you came all the way down here, and all you did was talk shit about me to my neighbors? you didnt have the balls to come to my door n steal my Kings Flag? what a faggot, you have to be toe if youre that gay.

  11. kingster Says:

    Hey fuckface if you are such a bad ass gangster, PUBLISH YOUR OWN ADDRESS! Fuck you! Pussy we know you won’t do it cause you live with your fucking grandma and you fix cable tvs for a living you low life dipshit humorless pot smoking waste of human life.

  12. king_stoner Says:


    you go from talking shit n trying to threaten me with all this info and dirt you have on me…. to begging me to stop being mean to you and publish my own address. what a fucking waste of life you are!!!

    hammertime aka you were trying to say you were gonna stop by and pay me a visit, now youre upset that i called you out for being such a faggot!

    toe, you are so hockey smart that you should be the GM of the canucks!

  13. king_stoner Says:

    i love at 420 hammertimes-down-symdrome-kids way

    its easy to find… youll see a small retard getting fisted by his own dad!

  14. Hamertime Says:

    I have no idea what you just said you retarded fat slob. I’ll cut you motherfucker!

  15. king_stoner Says:

    hey hammertime…. youll have to find out where i live first! ask toe… he apparently knows a lot about me.

    until you man up n stop by to teach me a lesson… go fuck yourself.

    please stop by my place… ill knock you the fuck out, steal your ID and pay your family a visit! itll be fun, your wife will like a real man cumming home to her for once!

  16. king_stoner Says:

    where did you go pussytime?

  17. king_stoner Says:

    is it hard to type with your fist up your retarded kids assholes you dirty piece of shit

  18. king_stoner Says:

    on your way out to my place again? hope you man up n do more than just talk shit to my neighbors this time. come to the house with the Kings Flag.

  19. Hamertime Says:

    Kings Flag? What a raging homosexual.

  20. kingster Says:

    Give us the address asshole! You are claiming to be the tough guy, tell us the address????


    Kings flag in the front yard …. FULL RETARD!

  21. king_stoner Says:

    I never claimed to be a tough guy. You claimed you were gonna post my address, call my employer n have me fired, and you were gonna post pics of me. You still haven’t done shit you unintelligent French faggot. Hammertime said he was the one who was gonna stop by my house after blowing his boss In Torrey pines.

    Don’t get mad at me for calling you two pussies out. Just take out your frustrations on your dad cock toe. ..and hammer can vent his anger on those DS kids of his.

  22. Hamertime Says:

    It’s Hamertime you idiot! I’ve decided I’m going to come down there on the 4th of July and shove a piccolo peet up your ass. I’ll guarantee that won’t be the first thing inserted into your rectum, but may be the last after it opens you up from the outside in.

  23. king_stoner Says:

    so you have my address then. so, why did you already puss out twice on coming down this way.

    please come down here…. please. i would love to knock you the fuck out, rob you n sell your car to a filthy crack whore, aka your wife/mom, most likely the same skank

  24. Hamertime Says:

    Are you a total idiot? Wait, let me answer, that for you Chorizo! YESSSSSS!!!!! Didn’t you, read my first post, on the other blog, that doesn’t hold a candle, to this fabulous blog. But besides the point, I told you I was walking, up to your door, and the neighbors implored me, to remove you from the neighborhood. I discussed with, them the means, and how to’s, of the situation, placed before me and am waiting, for their bounty, thus, that being said, without further ado, and whatnot and so forth, it happens to be in the so called works, and believe me you, this will not have a pretty ending, princess, Ursula.

  25. king_stoner Says:

    looking forward to meeting you then ordering a violent raping on every member of your household once i get your address from your ID!

    seriously…. please come out here

  26. kingster Says:

    I knew it KINGSTONER a total pussy. Have another quesadilla you fat fuck.

  27. king_stoner Says:

    Hahaha the traded baby Ryan for a Euro pussy

  28. king_stoner Says:

    I would ask where ask the ducks fans are but we ask know that the ducks are only liked by gay French midgets.

  29. king_stoner Says:


  30. diehardducksfan Says:

    this king stoner guy seems like he knows a lot about feces and gay rape. at least more than this ducks blogger.

    in my opinion the 3 best teams in the league have to be:

    1. Duck
    2. Hawks
    3. Bruins
    31. Kings

    I’m a stupid fuckface

  31. king_stoner Says:

    i cant believe not one ducks fan ever comes in here to this amazing blog site. its so full of ducks info and intelligent hockey blogs.

    hahahaha yeah right toe

  32. king_stoner Says:

    Banning my comments n re writing it back at me… so you went back to high school? Grow up midget.

    By by baby Ryan. I read in an interview he is glad to be out of Anaheim. I mean who wouldn’t want out

  33. kingster Says:

    LOL, no one banned your stupid shit. I love seeing you not know how to spell words and your horrible word choice and your improper use of acronyms and abbreviations.

    The only person who had their shit changed was “dihearducksfan”. You aren’t saying that was you, were you? Writing in under a false name a bunch of gibberish and then claiming *I* am the guy with the high school tactics? Let me tell you something stupid, a C- high school student could write and think circles around you until you fell over dizzy and out of breath.

  34. king_stoner Says:

    Yeah I commented under my name. You banned it and typed it under another of your false names again everyone here knows you do that. It’s fucking immature and pathetic.

  35. kingster Says:

    And a LIAR too!

  36. king_stoner Says:

    Say what you want too toe… its your site. But we both know the truth.

  37. kingster Says:

    Yes we do dumbshit, and you wrote in under the name duckfan or some shit and tried to be clever and I busted your awful spelling ass.

  38. Hamertime Says:

    Kingstoner is a dirty slob, who still resides with his mother. Neighbor are feared to allow their children to paly in the street because this creep glares out the windows and fondles himself. sick sick sick!!!!!

  39. king_stoner Says:

    gould won tow.

    let me know how your rebuild goes faggot

  40. kingster Says:


  41. Hamertime Says:

    King Stoner is a shit stain!

  42. kingster Says:

    kingstoner must have run out of money to pay his internet bill.

  43. king_stoner Says:

    Nope, just tired with dealing with retarded kids like you. It’s the same on going trend trying to talk hockey on this site.

    Until you post a legitimate hockey blog. I won’t be back. But you’ll still write under my name. But since no one reads this site anyways. … have fun.

  44. kingster Says:

    God damn KS, in ENGLISH next time? Holy shit you don’t even know where to put periods. Where to use words like “but” or how to write in complete sentences. Your only contributions here have been “anal rape by you dad hah ha ha”. Please never come back. Die, even.

  45. Hamertime Says:

    He’s dying of the aids

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