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  1. king_stoner Says:

    what are you laughing at? YOU WERE ELIMINATED FROM THE FIRST ROUND!
    you do realize your team couldnt even beat out a team full of euro pussies, old aging euro pussies, and with out lidstrom or holmstrom playing.

    we dont have a salary cap problem moron. enjoy the ducks rebuild. your one cup run will be a nice memory when us kings fans think back on our many cups that we’ll soon have. we have a dominant team locked up for the future. 7-10 years locked in!

    #1 Goalie… check
    Great young Dmen… check check check
    3-4 Top Centers… check check check
    and we got some young wingers coming up, plus we have plenty of trade bait for more key players.

    you have 2 somewhat good goalies, 1 good young Dman and 1 top line. other than that your team is shit!

    i cant wait for the kings next cup so you’ll finally kill yourself and the world wont have to deal with you….. oh wait, no one but me and your dads cock know you exist.

  2. kingster Says:

    Right , the team that finished MILES ahead of you in the regular season, has nothing but cap room and young stars like Etem and Vatanen is in trouble. You are a stupid stupid half a man. Learn hockey loser.

    And you know what you get for finishing second in the Western Conference Playoffs? JACK SHIT. You are a LOSER and your team lost so who the fuck cares what game or what round, a LOSS is a LOSS! Jackass!

  3. Michael Zampelli Says:

    Seriously Kingstoner you give every King fan a bad name. You seem to know nothing about the Ducks and your fantasy about parental rape is quite disturbing. I’d bet that the NSA has you on the radar as a low level threat to perform some sort of masturbation asphyxiation suicide ritual in front of a federal building or something. Go ahead and be stupid and a loner, but at least be funny FUCK.

  4. king_stoner Says:

    So finishing second In the conference finals means Jack shit, then why are you bragging about your team finishing second In the regular season. Your a fucking joke of a hockey blogger. Stop writing under fake names to make it look like you know anything about hockey. Etem is decent at best and vatanen has so nhl experience. Both your goalies don’t even come close to quicks worst.

  5. kingster Says:

    You really get in too deep when you try to act like you understand hockey. Here’s the deal, dummy. YOUR TEAM HAD A MEDIOCRE REGULAR SEASON AND WON 5 playoff games. BIG FUCKING DEAL. What that proves is, um, NOTHING. You come in here and brag about winning multiple cups and being a dynasty when the FACT is your piss poor organization took 45 years to win ONE cup and is no nearer a second one than they were in the 44 previous years. SO, when you come hear BOASTING about LOSING, well then you get to hear about how 28 other teams have lost so far, and some of them won a lot more fucking games than your team … THE DUCK being one of them. So take your stupid hostess twinkie out of your mouth for a second and shove it up your ass you piece of human excrement.

  6. king_stoner Says:

    Well if you knew hockey like you say you do, then you would understand that it takes 8 wins to advance to the conference finals and we won a game against the hawks. I’m no genius like you but that seems to add up to 9 wins in the playoffs. Which is 3 times as many as your team had.

  7. kingster Says:

    Oh now you are bragging about how you lost in the playoffs again?

    Listen, I only make 2 or 3 grand a month blogging about hockey. It’s just for fun. So sorry if that’s triple your unemployment check you fucking dipshit!

  8. king_stoner Says:

    lol no one pays you shit for your hockey blogging services!!! thats so laughable, that not even one of your aliases will back you up on that

    and 2-3 grand a month isnt even half of what i make. enjoy your pathetic life.

  9. kingster Says:

    If you only knew the hit count on here you would shut that ugly face of yours.

    And you don’t make 4 grand in a year you dipshit, remember I have your IP address and can see your fucking shanty on Google Earth. What a pigsty.

  10. king_stoner Says:


    how does one become so successful and witty as you?

    if you have any dirt on me what so ever… i give you permission to post it on here.

    show your proof or go back to being anally raped by your gay father n his friends while your dirty whore of a cunt mother films it so she can get off later.

  11. kingster Says:

    Is “vista” enough of a hint or should I give people your actual address? Your call, dumbass.

  12. king_stoner Says:

    OMG… you did a google search and found that info out almost 2-3 fucking years ago you moron. you threatened me with this before. didnt stop me then. wont stop me now.

    your call faggot!

  13. king_stoner Says:

    like ive said, if you have any dirt on me, like youve said about me in the past… fucking post it!

  14. kingster Says:

    Hey asshole, how bout I reveal your place of employment in San Marcos?

    Had enough now? Still think I don’t know who you are or won’t call your work and get you fired?

  15. king_stoner Says:

    go for it toe! but if you do what am i gonna do for work?

    im gonna feel like a ducks player in spring/summer…

    NO JOB!

  16. king_stoner Says:

    does your dad rape you good or rape you twice as good as your mom?

  17. king_stoner Says:

    do you consider yourself a dirty gay french midget or a dirty french gay dwarf?

  18. king_stoner Says:

    where did you go toe? i guess your fake threats dont work!

    i love making your life a living hell. cant wait to read your suicide note!!! that will be the best thing you ever post on here

  19. king_stoner Says:

    im guessing youre not too good at poker!

  20. king_stoner Says:

    since you obviously have all my info, hit me up once your done getting daddy raped. im not gonna wait here all day for you.

  21. kingster Says:

    LOL, should I call the LA Department of Transportation? HMMMM? Want me to call down there? What the fuck man are you a gypsy? I got your folks place in Vista, your former place of employment (I called, don’t fucking dare me brother) in San Marcos. Your little jaunt to New Jersey. What are you a fucking unemployable gypsy?

    As for response time. you will have to listen to me here. I don’t have all fucking day to be on here like you. Now go wash down the bus you fucking loser!

  22. king_stoner Says:

    You have no info on me faggot. Stop trying to act tough, if you have dirty on Me… post it pussy. I get tired of calling you out

    Man up on your threats.

  23. kingster Says:

    Do you or do you not work at the LA County Department of Transportation you bus washing MORON!

  24. king_stoner Says:

    Where’s that ducks golf report?

  25. king_stoner Says:

    Shows what you know moron. The only info you have correct about me Is shit I’ve already mentioned on random hockey blog sites.

  26. kingster Says:

    I don’t know what fucking sites you post on I got your addresses and work from your IP address you stupid shit. Go wash the bus.

  27. kingster Says:

    Oh, how bout your time in New Jersey you fiber optic faggot?

  28. kingster Says:

    33 year old loser piece of shit

  29. king_stoner Says:

    not 33, i dont wash buses, but i did spend time working in new jersey on a 2 month job.

    so thats what 5 years of you trying to get dirt on me turned out to be?

    you dont know my address, you dont know my name, you dont know where i work and you dont know hockey (but you already knew that)

    ive posted actual real dirt on you here…. about your dad raping you, about you being a french midget, about the fact that your mom is an actual TJ donkey and you will kill yourself in less than 2 years…. all 100% proven facts!

  30. king_stoner Says:

    ill set my alarm for 12-24 hours so i know when to expect a quick witted response from you.

  31. kingster Says:

    You do work on “fiber optics” you were on a job that had you posting from a Dept of Transportation IP or whatever the fuck you call it. If you aren’t 33 that’s only cause your birthday is later this calendar year and you are 32. Your ugly stepmother does live in Vista, you did work in San Marcos and you were in Jersey in March/April of 2012. You are fat, ugly and pop your zits and eat the crud that comes out. ADMIT IT!

  32. king_stoner Says:

    Did you call my employer and have me fired yet? I want a day off soon so make the call asap.

    Post my address on here if you have it. I’d love to kick the shit out of a bunch of lil faggy OC ducks fans.

    Post pics of my fat ugly zitty face.

    You don’t have any info on me. I know what a true pussy you really are. I even outed your gay dad about being a disgusting gay French child molester.

    Once again I’ll await your normal 12 hour delay to come up with something to say.


  33. king_stoner Says:


  34. Hamertime Says:

    Send me his address, I’m heading down to Torrey Pines next week and will gladly swing by and beat his fairy ass prior to teeing off.

  35. kingster Says:

    You are a sad sad person whose only claim to fame is apparently that you are on the computer all day (gaming, I assume) and I am not. Let me explain this to you. If you are on the computer all day, paying attention to an online feud with some guys alias versus your alias, you are THE WAST OF LIFE I HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG!

  36. king_stoner Says:

    OK OK, so the Duck is good and I live in a trailer. So fucking what?

  37. king_stoner Says:

    I want to make out with men.

  38. kingster Says:

    Fuck dude, a little drunk posting or what?

  39. king_stoner Says:

    Suck a dick man my roommate got on my computer and typed that shit. Daddyrape daddy rape!

  40. king_stoner Says:

    did you give that dirty faggot pussy hammertime my address. let him know to cruise by. or was that you trying to be ‘online’ tough.

    nice to see someone with the intelligence that you have has to resort to writing under my name on a site no one comes to… EVER!

    it makes me laugh though…. thats how i know i really piss you off. or thats youre way of admitting the truth so you can clear your gay poor conscience.

    hopefully youre close to killing yourself. you’d be smart to kill your child raping dad n whore mother first, or they will tag team rape your dead body for days before turning your rotting carcass into dirty french stew…. a small portion of course since youre a midget.

    #WheresThatDucksGolfReport? #Toe4Suicide!

  41. king_stoner Says:

    wanna know how i know youre such a fucking pussy? well, besides the fact that youre french and a ducks fan…. ive called out your dad and mom for being what they really are, one is a convicted child rapist in all 50 states and the other is the biggest whore TJ has ever seen in their Donkey Shows, yet youve done nothing to stop me.

    you say you have my address….. send someone out here

  42. king_stoner Says:

    just incase somehow hammertime is real….

    hammertime… you could stop by here n kick my ass before tee times. but i think those golfers would be pissed that their caddy got murdered by me!

    then again, they could use your moms gaping pussy to store all their clubs. thats where a lot of guys store their ‘clubs’.

  43. king_stoner Says:

    wheres all the masses of duck fans that come to this site? i mean this site is so amazing toe gets 2-3 grand a moth for it.

    no one tell toe that when his daddy gives him money its not for running this site. its for the anal rape.

    even your parents want you dead.

  44. king_stoner Says:

    still havent posted pics of me, no address, no call to my employer. kinda hard to threaten people who arent scared of your bullshit.

    i bet your parents first child had SIDS n died. thats probably why you get raped all the time.

  45. king_stoner Says:

    wheres that faggot hammertime. i bet he rapes his kids harder than toe’s dad does to him.

  46. king_stoner Says:

    sorry hammertime…. toe just sent me an email. i guess instead of raping your kids, you sell them out to the local ghettos for drug money. he showed me pics of you dropping them off n being paid 5 bucks each time.

  47. king_stoner Says:

    WOW hammertime, toe just sent me some other pics.

    how do you fit your whole fist up there? and for your kid to be able to handle that… just WOW!

    i can tell you must be an expert like toes dad. thats not rape … thats love!

  48. king_stoner Says:

    hammertime… vista is just a short drive from torrey pines. where you at?

    still carrying your bosses clubs n balls. or are you still being his caddy. <—– get what i did there toe?

  49. king_stoner Says:

    toe, you gotta stop sending me pics of what hammertime likes to do to his kids.

    it started off as funny now its just gross.

  50. kingster Says:

    I think you might be losing it, buddy.

  51. Hamertime Says:

    I drove by, knocked on the door, pissed on the porch and took a shit in your front yard. The entire time had neighbors cheering me on, telling me to slice open you throat and let you bleed to death because none of their kids have been able to play out front since your fat slob of a mother let you move back in. Pretty pathetic life I must say. Don’t worry fatso, I will be back.

  52. king_stoner Says:


    toe you gotta stop trying to act tough online. it doesnt work. you just take the jokes i say and turn them around. like how your dad turns you around. its not just for the rape, its the fact he doesnt want to look at you.

    what do the ducks, toe and hammertime have in common….. all pathetic losers!

  53. king_stoner Says:

    when you gonna post my pics online?

    when you gonna post my address n have a bunch of people come kick my ass?

    when you gonna call my employer n have me fired?

  54. king_stoner Says:

    hey hammertime… where did you go?

    still fisting your still born SIDS kid!

  55. king_stoner Says:


  56. Hamertime Says:

    This homo loves talking about fisting

  57. king_stoner Says:

    wow toe, you go to great lengths to look tough!

    when are you gonna post my ugly zitty face on here?
    when you gonna post my home address?
    when you gonna call my employer tough guy?
    most important… when are you gonna kill yourself?

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