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  1. king69er Says:


  2. king_stoner Says:

    if my team was eliminated in the first round by a 7th seed, a team full of euro-pussies as you like to call the red wings….. i wouldnt be talking shit to another fanbase whose team is in the conference finals.

    yes we’re down 2 games to none, but we are not good on the road and are perfect at home. look what happened in the blues series. i know you have no knowledge about this sport so i thought id try to help you out there.

    all we have to do is regain our game at home n win one in chicago.

    its never over until toes mom sings, and right now i got my cock balls deep in her throat, so she wont be doing much for the next lil bit. now continue getting raped by your dad toe!

    when will you kill your self? if the kings repeat this year… you seem to think its, so how about if the kings pull through n win the cup you kill your self? that would be amazing!

  3. king_stoner Says:

    if we do get eliminated, the ducks are gonna have an edge on us in the golf world! 5

  4. kingster Says:

    We? Are you on the team? What a fucking fairy.

  5. king_stoner Says:

    once again toe… great come back.


  6. kingster Says:

    Listen, you must be at least in 5th grade by now since your writing skills were 1st grade level when you showed up 4 years ago. You should understand, as a 5th grader, that being down 2-0 and getting your best player THRASHED with 4 easy goals is not something to be bragging about. Oh, and saying “we” did this and “we” will do that is pretty good proof you are a chick, a 5th grader or have Down’s syndrome. Idiot.

  7. Gretzkyrules Says:

    Fuck Kingstoner you got owned again I can not believe how stupid you are. I am humiliated that you are a king fan.

  8. Botty Scowman Says:

    I will credit kingstoner with at least staying true to his team, but that does not mean he’s not a stupid idiot.

  9. Ben Gauzey Says:

    Listen to what I say the Kings will sweep Chicago OK? They aren’t that gud and TOES sucks it Crawford is gonna get run over by Clifford and the Kings will bring the fucking pain down on them HUZZAH


    Even I wouldn’t blow Kingstoner he’s too fat and creepy.

  11. king_stoner Says:

    wow, you must have nothing but time on your hands to write under that many names. you sure do go to long lengths to pretend people come here. i must piss you off pretty bad! look, i know what its like to be a fan of a team that hasnt won shit… so i know your pain. oh, how i cant wait for the ducks 10+ year rebuild thats gonna start in the next 2 years.

    you enjoying the early golf season? get used to it faggot.

    you still wont man up and try to have a hockey conversation on HB, since you know youll get laughed away til you come back here n cry about it under 20+ aliases.

    you havent killed yourself yet? good, i love making your life a living hell! hopefully youll write my name on your suicide list!

  12. king_stoner Says:

    why is it all of your followers leave once i comment here, then comeback 12 hours later when you know im gone? is it so you have plenty of time to come up with your witty responses? hahaha

    fucking losers! anyone have any golf related updates for me? huge ducks golf follower here

  13. king_stoner Says:

    how come no one ever comes here to talk shit when im here? why do all the comments come in once you comment toe? hhhmmmmm is that because its just you here. just a pint sized pussy with no friends.

    go kings go!

  14. king_stoner Says:

    is there not one ducks fan watching the great western conference finals going on? great game right now.

    no no no… not the western conference finals of golf, i meant in hockey… you know, that sport your team was playing until they basically got raped, like toe when his dad comes home.

    if youve seen toes mom and know how much of a fag toe’s dad is… you can understand why he would do such a thing. that, and the fact that toe loves n begs for it.

    what a dirty french family.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  15. king_stoner Says:

    woooo what a game! its nice to watch the conference finals when your team is in it. but you wouldnt remember whats that like, would ya toe?

    have you pulled the trigger yet? WE are gonna repeat this year n you will end it all!

  16. kingster Says:

    Hey listen mongloid, how in the fuck am I supposed to know what shift you are on at the walmart? You only have internet access certain hours of the day? WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU

  17. Yasiel Puig Says:

    Yo barly speaka a word of Ingles y yo just got off boat from COOBA pero even yo gets it – KINGSTONER IS A FUCKING FREAK.

  18. Punky Says:

    Toe give it up King Stoner is owneing you mothrerruckare1

  19. king_stoner Says:

    all you know how to do is post comments under false names!!! i posted on here during the kings game last night. thats normal hours for everyone who talks shit online. i did it as it was happening. you wait 12-24 hours to find a good come back.

    you are a waste of space. ill be here during the bruins game tonight. see all you toe blake fans then. ill be here talking shit if any one here, aka all of toes aliases, wants to talk shit.

  20. kingster Says:

    Lets see, a guy who calls himself Kingstoner and is afraid of the message board is calling out fake name users. Very fucking stupid. Also, I watch hockey with people in person, I don’t sit around posting on message boards like a FUCKING LOSER WITH NO FRIENDS WHOSE FAMILY HATES HIM you idiot!

  21. king_stoner Says:

    afraid of the message boards? no you have to know that its obvious you write under all these names. no ever comments on here except for when you post. i post on here at normal hours for the west coast, yet not one ducks fan has ever come in here to respond, except for 12+ hours later when you post.

    youre a fucking loser, youre a hammond like hack, the team you support is shit, youre a midget, youre a dirty frenchman, your father rapes you, your whore of s mother films it.

    go kill yourself loser!

    kings will repeat!

    oh so you were at the kings game last night? you are lucky to watch that kinda hockey with such passionate fans! unlike going to the filthy pond to watch scum play.

  22. kingster Says:

    LOL struck a nerve huh? Go ahead you zit faced fatass, sit around watching your 36 inch tube tv of the game by yourself with a bag of hot dogs from 7-11 you piece of human garbage!

  23. kingster Says:

    I figured it out. The “free” internet services at your public library are the only times you post you fucking loser.

  24. Realist Says:

    lol fucking OWNED

  25. Fante Boom Says:

    Fuck you Kingstoner you make me ashamed to be a King fan. Please leave.

  26. king_stoner Says:

    wow… way to steal a line i used on realist, aka you, a few weeks ago!

    look, nothing you do bothers me. i love the fact that you claim to be a knowledgeable hockey fan. yet, you know absolutely nothing about the sport. you wont go on other sites to talk hockey since you get laughed away in a hurry, then come back here and post under 50-100 names to make it look like you know something.

    whats even funnier, is that NO ONE but me and you visits this site, so it doesnt matter what is said here. ive even posted your website on other hockey sites, yet no one cares about you.

    you can say what ever you want here about me. you can call me fat, ugly, zit faced, poor and/or gay. it doesnt matter since no one will see what you post but me.

    im fat— well, im 6′ and go from 184-190 depending on the week.
    ugly— i got a hot chick with an amazing ass, so if im ugly, dont let her know that.
    zit faced—- i get a zit every once in a while. not gonna lie
    poor— definitely not rich but no where near poor.
    gay– only if you count the fact that i visit this site a lot

  27. king_stoner Says:

    wheres that ducks golf report?

    how long will the ducks need to rebuild? forever is my guess

    how many cups will the kings have before the ducks can learn to advance to the finals again? 10-15 is my guess

    how much longer til kansas city gets your team? do you think they change the name from the ducks to something less gay like the feltchers?

    do you think your dad will continue to rape you after you kill yourself? i bet he does.

  28. kingster Says:

    listen to me dipshit.The Ducks need to rebuild? Really. So they can finish HIGHER than second in the entire Western conference. Yeah that was a real bummer as they breezed through the regular season. They are in big trouble now.

    If you had the balls to read the message board, you would see hundreds of daily posts from many many different admirers of mine. The difference is they are intelligent enough to figure out the math on the “captcha” thing and sign up for the board. You are so fucking stupid you have to keep posting here.

    And I’ve seen pictures or you tard, you are a fat fucking slob and you know it.

  29. kingster Says:

    We know where you will be tonight, sitting alone in your trailer with some KFC on your fat stomach, typing furiously unfunny comments on here asking where I’m at. Well I won’t be sitting at the computer to respond to your drivel, so have at it you pig.

  30. king_stoner Says:

    and the red wings breezed though them in the playoffs. keep talking about how good your team is in the regular season. maybe the sharks and canucks fans can let in on a lil secret….. regular season means jack fucking shit when you cant win a playoff round. and like you said, you were the #2 team, so you played the #7 team and got raped like well, you know your dad rapes you so im not gonna beat a dead horse.

    if youve seen pics of me, post the most embarrassing ones on here. id send you a pic of what i really look like, but im afraid you would just tape it to your back so your dad could be extra turned on while raping you from behind.

  31. king_stoner Says:

    you gonna watch some great playoff hockey tonight. ill be here. will any of your followers be here tonight? hahahaha no way itll just be me typing comments n you responding under multiple names.

    how is the ducks regular season going? still 2nd place? they must be hard to defeat, especially in a 7 games series against the 7th place euro pussies

  32. king_stoner Says:

    i know i know. im mean fat n ugly!

    i apologize for making your life hell

  33. king_stoner Says:

    where did you go you fucking pussy! you were all talk until you knew i was online.

  34. kingster Says:

    oh my goodness you are going back to the “your dad rapes you” lead balloon? You are the most unfunny lonely idiot I have ever run across. Please continue to say that teams who finished second have to rebuild and keep posting on here during games because you have no life …

  35. king_stoner Says:

    maybe youre finally putting together that ducks golf report.

  36. king_stoner Says:

    did i strike a nerve???????

    ill go out n get tampons for you

  37. kingster Says:

    honestly if you ever say something funny, it’ll be the first time. Fat, ugly and boring is no way to go through life, son.

  38. king_stoner Says:

    being raped by your dad is no way to go through life either. its sad, and its not your fault… just remember that.

    if the kings repeat, please keep your end of the deal and kill yourself

  39. king_stoner Says:


    2 hours til game time.. see you soon toe!

  40. kingster Says:

    right homo, you’ll be a shrinking violet if your stupid team doesn’t win. You vanish faster than the nachos you buy at taco bell …. you are the worst kind of fan, a dumb, unfunny, bigmouth frontrunner. No one likes you not even your parents.

  41. king_stoner Says:

    oh somebody is mad at me!!! your parents really like you… i mean REALlY LIKE you.

    you get that kinda love from your parents the same way pornstars get love from a gangbang!

    thats disgusting toe! tell your parents to stop that.

    you calling me a frontrunner, again, is one of the reasons that proves you know nothing about the sport. when your ducks were the best team and the kings were shit, i was here talking shit to you. ive been talking shit to you here every year since.

    so, with your vast knowledge of everything, explain how i am a frontrunner. dont worry, ill give you 12-24 hours to respond.

  42. king_stoner Says:

    i dont like nachos! shows how much you know! but taco bells volcano burrito… mmmmmmmm!

  43. king_stoner Says:

    where did you go toe? talk shit and run just like a french faggot!

    oh, your dad must have just gotten home. we all know what that means! dont get too butt-hurt. thatll make it hard to sit n enjoy this kings win!!!!!


  44. king_stoner Says:

    and toe…. still no ducks fan has come in here to talk shit to me yet

  45. king_stoner Says:


    you watching the game toe?????

    slava voynov just needs one more game winning goal to set the record for a Dman in the playoffs

  46. king_stoner Says:

    must be a long daddy rape session… you havent returned yet

  47. Realist Says:

    Wooooow wowie wow WOW!!! Did ya see THAT! Did Slava get it?!!

  48. king_stoner Says:

    So you only show up after the kings last. What a pussy fag

  49. king_stoner Says:

    How was the daddy rape?

  50. king_stoner Says:

    If it took 3 wins for the series to be over. .. both the ducks and red wings would still be in the playoffs. Hahah

  51. king_stoner Says:

    How long does it take you to switch names to write under? You already did your realist post.

  52. kingster Says:

    Wow another tough drunken night for the fat pig in sweat pants. Do you ever leave the house you fucking shut in.

  53. king_stoner Says:

    Once again it takes you 12-24 hours to respond. How sad that it takes you that long to come up with the latest come backs. Did daddy take good care of you last night? You sure left here in a hurry once the game started. I thought once Slava scored you might have ended it all. Which would have made my day.

  54. king_stoner Says:

    Where you at toe? Finally putting together that ducks spring/summer good report haha

  55. Realist Says:

    You do realize that in EVERY other fucking post, you’re just repeating yourself, right?

  56. king_stoner Says:

    you do realize that i dont give two shits… i just love to piss toe off! im trying to get toe to kill him self. let me know if it works!

  57. Realist Says:

    LET”S GO BOS-TON!!! Who’s your horse in this race KS? I say it may as well be a team in Detroit’s new Division…. Fuck the West Coast. It’s not like you guys deserve hockey anyways!

  58. king_stoner Says:

    I’m going for the hawks to win although I think the Bruins are unbeatable right now. If Chicago does win, that will be the closest the Detroit comes to getting a cup for a while.

    As for toe, hope You’re lying dead in a field with you pathetic gross French family.

  59. kingster Says:

    Nobody gives a shit about you or what you think Kingstoner. Your opinions are stupid and meaningless. YOU LOST LOST LOST like the big LOSER you always have been. The Duck is first to the Cup STILL and far ahead of the LOSERKINGS and their salary cap problems. See you later SUCKER.

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