Author: kingster

Is there any team that has ever choked so bad, so often?

2006 Lose 4 straight to Oilers
2007 Lose 3 straight to Wings
2008 Lose 3 straight to Dallas
2009 Presidents Cup winners lose to the 8 seed
2010 Lose 4 straight to Chicago
2011 Lose 4 straight to Wings after going up 3-0?

Historic. All you idiots that use “epic” and “totally epic”? This is where the word actually fits. If the Sharks lose game 7 that is EPIC.

One Response to “The CHOKINGEST ever?”

  1. Realist Says:

    Don’t fucking jinx it asshole. Although I guess I don’t see the Wings winning either way. This just seems way too good to be true.

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