Lol. Eddie Munster himself announces he is leaving the Kings for some secret job he won’t reveal! What a fucking joke. Even when he leaves, he lies.

1) A better job for him would be assistant night manager at a Jack in the Box. That would double his salary, at least. He was a hack beat reporter doing an article a week for a pretty much out of business local paper before landing his Kings gig. I can promise you a guy writing for a local paper makes something on the order of 15 bucks an hour. The Kings might have offered him 16. I mean lets be realistic. The guys job was writing a BLOG! That’s what he did for a living.

2) Oh he falls all over himself about how the Kings in no way forced him to leave! I think you are protesting a little too much Richy boy. I think the Kings did force you .. and the way they did was by laying you off during the strike so you couldn’t make the payment on your fucking 2002 saturn you loser!

3) What a black eye this pencilneck is on journalism. I mean here is a guy who gets a journalism degree, then GOES TO WORK FOR THE TEAM HE ALLEGEDLY COVERS and REPORTS ON. It’s the FIRST RULE OF JOURNALISM to avoid this clear conflict of interest. REPEATEDLY he’d say “I can write what I want, no one will edit my work” BULLSHIT LIAR. Every person who ever sold out denies it. You are no longer a reporter or a journalist of objective once you take a check from the person you allegedly report on.


  1. monk Says:

    he was hired by the Orange Country Register bro

  2. Gypsy Duck Says:

    “couldn’t make the payment on your fucking 2002 saturn” is good stuff.

  3. kingster Says:

    LOL he takes a job as the beat reporter for a college team for a local PRINT media source? That is cutting edge shit!

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