This isn’t just some overweight bearded King fan. Some individual guy. No, this is some sort of photo-genius morphing of every King fan into one guy. Trust me on this one, he’s wearing Jean Shorts in this picture, while giving the Devil “hook em horns” salute.


8 Responses to “This is why it’s OK the Kings won”

  1. Kingsjohn Says:

    Goalie Cut next time, bud.

  2. Realist Says:

    That sign means “I Love You” in sign language you knucklehead.

  3. king_stoner Says:

    Hey, that fat guy is wearing the jersey of the 2012 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!

    not sure if you noticed that!!

    how do you know he wearing jean shorts? oh you noticed it when you wear unzipping his them to suck a royal cock! what a faggot!

  4. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner you seem to have a creepy obsession with homosexual stuff.

  5. king_stoner Says:

    me, an obsession with homosexual stuff? thats funny

  6. Realist Says:

    And true.

  7. kingster Says:

    KS, read some of your stuff. It’s 100% like gay sadist porn. Get a grip you weirdo.

  8. king_stoner Says:

    you would be the expert on what goes on in those kinds of film, so i guess ill take your word for it and back off.

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