So, on Twitter, I point out that this relic sounds like a cheerleader. Every article she writes now is “Kings Lombard saw this coming” or “Jonathon Quik, WOW again!” or “it’s a polished effort as Kings about to finish off Devils”.

I mean if Dean Lombardi wrote the titles they’d be less enthusiastic (though a lot longer).

At one point I suggested she “put down the pom poms”.

She exploded like, well something old getting really angry. “Real easy to say nasty stuff behind an alias”. That’s always a classic, btw. I mean what’s the point, if I used my own name I wouldn’t think she was being a cheerleader? I would be afraid to say she’s acting all giddy? Or … or is is that if I used my own name she’d kick my ass? She looks strong and big enough to do it, just too old.

She followed up that gem with “consider yourself blocked … and reported”!

I guess she’s gonna report my account to Twitter for saying she acted like a cheerleader. I’m sure they’ll immediately ban me from the internet!

I mean, what is “nasty” about saying this hack reporter is going overboard? Acting like a cheerleader. It’s true! And it’s not nasty. I can be nasty, trust me.

Go fuck yourself Granny.


  1. Bob Miller Says:

    Holy shit it looks like she robbed a Mervyns or JC Penney. Nice hairdo, nice tailoring, nice pudgy fingers.

  2. Elliot Teaford Says:

    How many chins can you count?

  3. Matt Berry Says:

    RIght, I’m going to listen to that broad tell me something about hockey!

  4. Kingster Says:

    Oink oink. Switch to low fat nacho sauce, aunt bessie!

  5. Rinkrat Says:

    LOL take a gander at the look she’s shooting whoever took this picture. I can just hear her “oh my god get that camera out of my face grow up GEEZE.”

    This is a miserable human.

  6. Rinkrat Says:

    WOAH .. take a look at the dude behind her. That slob looks like he’s using a program to waft away the stench from one of her over juicy farts. Never trust a fart, Helene, especially after eating all that gravy you pig.

  7. The Green Laser Says:

    That twat blocked me about 2 seconds after you. I hope she has a nacho cheese fueled heart attack.

  8. monk Says:

    I’m beginning to think toe may post under some names other than his own…?

  9. kingster Says:

    I’m beginning to think Monk puts his own hand up his ass pretty frequently.

  10. Rinkrat Says:

    She once paid me $5 to suck her husbands cock. I would do ANYTHING

  11. Rinkrat Says:

    Her husband once paid me $5 to suck his cock. I would do ANYTHING to make $5.

  12. Hipcheck Says:

    This is where the term “feed the hampster ” originated. The hampster is up Helene’s ass.

  13. Helene's panties Says:

    Holy shit it smells like Taco Bell down here.

  14. king_stoner Says:


    fuck you midget faggot!!!!!

    let the next dynasty begin!!!!!

  15. king_stoner Says:

    one of the greatest playoffs ever by a team and did you see quick’s stats????

    ill post them here so you can see…

    1.41 GAA and .946 SV%. the Sv% tied for the best ever and his GAA is the lowest ever by .20

    daaaaaaaaammmmmnnnnnnn our team is siiiick and you know it!

    kings will get the next cup before your shmucks!!!!!!!

  16. king_stoner Says:

    oh please tell me that you killed yourself when the KINGS WON THE STANLEY CUP!!! that way we could parade your small midget body around like a lil pinata!!!! hahahahahaha

    KINGS WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!! halfway to back to back championships, one third of a three peat!!!!!

  17. king_stoner Says:

    My buttocks ache.

  18. king_stoner Says:

    The bowel ubstruction evenutallly passed. Turned out to be a propholactic I accidentally swallowed.

  19. king_stoner Says:



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