Right, that's not kneeing! Look where his knee is!

Justify it how you must, Kingsters, but Dustin Brown is quite a few genes short of a full DNA bucket. This guy hears “take the body” and he thinks it means “end a guys career”. He fears being punched so he runs from every fight. He hears “play smart” and he dives.

He’s Sean Avery, just not as much lip.

Here’s his latest cheap hit, and you go ahead and look at this grainy picture of Dustin Brown’s knee, right where it shouldn’t be on an offsides play when I think both goalies are already drinking from their water bottles. Roszival himself has been in the offensive zone for about 2 seconds along with a bunch of other guys before Brown is even within hearing distance of the play. It’s just plain and simple a guy knowing he can get away with a cheap shot at a time and place where he won’t have to answer for it. Dustin Brown is what is wrong with Hockey today.


Oh, and yes. He ran away from the post cheap-shot challenges.

5 Responses to “Another Cheap Hit and Run By Dustin Brown”

  1. Rinkrat Says:

    Cheap..I know cheap. I purchased a great anal stimulator from ConRev shop right down the street from where I live. Since everybody loves taking it up the ass from my $5 a month charge. I thought I would go and stick something up my ass for once.

  2. monk Says:

    good analysis

  3. Sean Avery Says:

    Fuck you Neil…at least I fight every once in a while unlike that cowardly fuck who hid behind Jason Allison’s skirt.

  4. kingster Says:

    My bad, Sean. I should have never lumped you in with this pussy, Dustin Brown.

  5. Gypsy Duck Says:

    Roszival is a faker. His shift prior to this dive he tried to sell a slash when Pancake Boy tapped him on the back of the leg.

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