World’s Worst Diver?

Author: kingster

I really don’t get it. His team is kicking everyone’s ass. He is being allowed to run away from blindside hits. He’s the King of Los Angeles. But this Dustin Brown has got the mongoloid gene so bad that not only does he have to keep walking around with that jutting forehead and, pardon me, “retarded” grin, he’s got to DIVE his way through the playoffs. Stay on your feet and play like a man! What the fuck?

6 Responses to “World’s Worst Diver?”

  1. monk Says:

    well respected former ref and current columnist discusses Dustin Brown’s strongest aspect of his game: diving

  2. The Green Laser Says:

    Funny how all of the faggot King fans who have bitched about “East Coast Bias” a thousands of times over the past 45 years are benefiting from the fact that Dustin Brown probably gets away with this shit because he plays in LA and NOBODY KNEW THIS UNTIL NOW. I’ve been calling this shit for years and nobody listened. I hope his next dive is a nose dive by his team plane into the Colorado rockies on their flight to New York.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Listen Neil, as this thing goes on you’re going to start feeling conflicted (if you’re not already). This run (so far) has been so exciting and so delightfully fulfilling to watch and I know you’re enjoying it. There really hasn’t been domination like this since the Oilers of the 80’s were destroying everyone. It’s like when I play NHL 11 on rookie mode.

    I’m not gloating here. I watched this team all year and I don’t understand what the fuck is happening either.

    Anyway, for a long time the LA Kings were your favorite. I know you have a soft spot for them and we will welcome you back on board. All this pretend hatred can stop and the healing can begin.

    Time to come home buddy.

  4. kingster Says:


  5. The Green Laser Says:

    If Neil turns back I’ll get his address from Khanon the bar flunking faggot Jew, visit his office and kick his midget ass Hamer Romanowski style.

  6. kingster Says:

    You got nothing to worry about TGL.

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