The Duck not only owns the first California Stanley Cup, they also are the most quotable team in the history of Pro Sports.

First Corey Perry with “you tell Pavel he’s gonna get it too” and now Ryan Getzlaf, toying with some sissy Finns, first he points to his fist and says “you don’t want this” and then he tells the group of sniveling Euro’s “I WILL KNOCK YOU ALL OUT IN THREE MINUTES”.

That time estimate is a gross exaggeration, I’d say 2:23 tops, but nonetheless that is an epic quote from a real Captain who does not CONSTANTLY run away from fights like a certain Corky-looking guy I know!

2 Responses to “I will knock you all out in three minutes!!!”

  1. monk Says:

    proud to call him our captain in life

  2. Realist Says:

    Perry was talking to Pavel, he said to tell Samuelsson, but then he said you’re gonna get it too. Couple of years later these 2 heavy weights actually go at it and I don’t think Perry even landed a punch. You can’t intimidate the Russian with your trash talk when he doesn’t understand English!

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