Doughty to NYR?

Author: kingster

Drew Doughty out for drinks at the "Monkey Bar" in New York with hot young actress Meaghan Martin. Hmmmm.....


OK, listen I’m not an expert and I’m not a rumormonger, but here’s what I heard from someone VERY inside – an UNIMPEACHABLE source in the Kings organization. The Rangers have Gaborik, Drury, Wolski up front. They have Staal and Girardi on D and they intend to let McCabe walk.

They saw in the Washington series that they are a “Weber/Suter” D pairing away from being an exceptional team.

THEY WANT DOUGHTY and they want him BAD.

Now, you say NO WAY, right? Well here’s a couple reasons why my source is saying this deal will be done:

1) I know, I know, Doughty is a Restricted Free Agent and it’s like 12 first round picks if the Rangers get him. But listen to me. That does not mean the teams .. and the player .. can’t work something out. The Kings do NOT want to be in a bidding war even if they hold all the cards – it’ll only make DD’s price higher. The Rangers don’t want to give up all those picks. And if Doughty wants out (what I am told) then this can happen. Rangers can turn this into a trade for Doughty’s rights, knowing already that Drew has committed to a number with them.

2) The “donuts” thing. This isn’t a joke. The guy eats and parties too much and the Kings don’t like it. He’s been talked to, agrees to knock it off but then he is right back out there in the same clubs I see him in weekly.

3) DOUGHTY WANTS OUT. He’s no fan of Terry Murray, he’s no fan of Dean Lombardi and he does not see in LA what he wants to see – a passion not just to have “bridges and fillers” etc, but a passion to WIN IT ALL. The guy has been a superstar and champion his whole life, and he’s tired of losing in a city with no hockey fans. He wants to play in NY and he will NOT sign long term in LA. Doughty is also annoyed by the “donuts” thing and believes the fans and organization are treating him poorly.

4) NY has the money and the players. They have the cap space too with dumb signings like Frolov off the books. NY can and will offer a 7 mil 7 year type deal. LA and Dumbardi won’t.

5) Doughty and Staal? Gaborik, Drury and Wolski?

6) The match is PERFECT. The Kings have young Dmen up the ass. Jack Johnson then Hickey, Forbort and Voynov? That’s a solid d core for years to come. The Rangers meanwhile, can forego giving up future picks and load the deal with young top rated forwards. Here’s what HF has to say about NY’s forward prospects:

The Rangers are absolutely loaded up front, particularly at center. Derek Stepan and Evgeny Grachev headline the center position, while Ethan Werek, Roman Horak, Ryan Bourque, and Andrew Yogan give New York spectacular depth down the middle. The wingers are also very strong with the likes of Chris Kreider, Mats Zuccarello-Aasen, Carl Hagelin, and Christian Thomas all ranking among the club’s top 10 prospects.

7) See the photo? Meaghan Martin is hot. Drew Doughty likes the nightlife in NY.


I don’t usually give out ratings this high, but the “fit” is perfect. NY is known for this sort of thing and Dean Lombardi needs to free up money on his internal cap to get in the Richards bidding. It will basically end up having the Kings get Richards, a BUTTLOAD of great forward prospects and lose Doughty .. and they’ll SAVE money. It’s a no brainer. So I give it a Toe Blake rating or 86% that this deal gets done.



11 Responses to “Doughty to NYR?”

  1. Matt Barry Says:

    I have heard the same thing, though I am not sure I can confirm. Bob Mckenzie said he is waiting to go public on this story … the rumor mill is in full swing on this one.

  2. PuckTheDucks Says:

    No way, I call bullshit on this one Doughty is a once and forever King.

  3. mitchrock Says:

    Monkey Bar, Monkey Monkey Monkey I’m a cute monkey lover.

  4. golfnut Says:

    While it makes sense, it’ll never happen. Doughty will re-invest himself in fitness and stay in LA long term. I’m sure of it.

  5. Dancing Girl Says:


    I don’t think any of that is true. I’m with Will Ferrell right now and we both know that Doughty is passionate about the Kings and their fans, I talked to Shia Lebouf last night at dinner and he agreed. Me and Scarlett Johanssen were up at runyon canyon this morning and a conversation come up how even though doughty has been here only a year or so, how he could never play anywhere else. By the way, did you see my movie?

    I cant sit here and talk to you about this, johnny depp is about to pick me up and were going to go to the premiere of The Beaver tomorrow, then to the after party. Hang on Owen Wilson needs my computer for a minute and ive got to go pack for the tribeca film festival. Oh, by the way, the Notebook is on my tv right now!

  6. LAHockeyGirl Says:

    Yeah right! What a load of bunk. My baby Drew is staying right here with his hockey mama, ME!

  7. Unruely Says:

    Stay off him sister, he’s mine!

  8. R Hammond Says:

    I have to admit my sources initially didn’t have this on the radar but I combed through again and found some murmurs. I’m working on a blog about it but it could take me a while, I have to rework a bunch of tentative lines for training camp now.

  9. Hipcheck Says:

    My view, once again, is to say that if Terry Murray isn’t fired when I can see that it’s hockey 101 that he is stupid for starting Quick over and over, than good rittance to Drew Doughty and his baggage that rival that of a Dustin Penner circa this seasons out of shapeness. At least we aren’t a team named after a kids movie, albeit with Cup in hand and whatnot.

  10. Tonga Says:

    You are a retard Neil. NO WAY.

  11. Dancing Girl Says:

    by the way, dave taylor just paged me and told me to tell you to go fuck youself.

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