And the Duck still has a Cup and the hapless Kings and their very stupid fans have jack shit.

Patrick O’Neal:

“It was a tragedy of Shakesperean proportions”

I don’t think Patrick O’Neal knows what a Shakesperean Tragedy is. I don’t think he could name one.

Jim Fox:

“If we would have had Kopitar, maybe the Sharks still win in 6, but it would have been different.”

Trust me if I could think or dream of stupider statements I would make them up and attribute them to these two fools. But I don’t have to. The cheerleading midget named Fox makes a fool of himself nightly, and Patrick O’Neal is the worst example of “journalist” since Rich Hammond claimed to be one.

44 years now? FOURTY FOUR YEARS and no Cup. Still finishing behind the Duck in the regular season.

Penner for Teubert a 1st and a 3rd?

The future was yesterday. Tear it down. The Kings suck and their fans are worse.

Btw, did I call it with the Thornton picture or what? Fuck you Kingstoner you big baby!

7 Responses to “ANOTHER YEAR GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Dick Pole Says:

    So if they had Kopitar, they would have choked in OT of all four losses?

  2. Orange Puck Says:

    The Ducks had a great first round. We almost won!

  3. The Green Laser Says:

    Looks like PucktheDucks is posting under Orange Puck. The real Orange Puck would never throw up a faggy comment like that.

  4. PucktheDucks Says:

    Sorry about that The Green Laser but it was me posting as “Orange Puck.” It just seemed like the right thing to do after eating a 40 hot dog lunch and sucking on some cocks.

  5. The Green Laser Says:

    No worries dude. You can’t help do what’s natural. I should have expected it since you are a fat slovenly, homosexual idiot.

  6. kingster Says:

    My sources confirm this last part.

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