Few know that Dustin Brown was actually given up for adoption by his birth parents (they got one look at that jutting forehead in the delivery room and headed for the hills). He was adopted by Communist Vietnamese parents and raised on the Saigon Delta by a father credited with the ambush killings of 143 proud US boys back in ‘nam. Dustin’s adoptive father was the originator of the “rat tunnels”, a system of underground tunnels the commies used to ambush and then run away from our soldiers in the war. Here is a picture of Dustin, at a young age, being trained by his father in the art of striking unsuspecting opponents and then running away into a hole (you can kind of spot the receding hairline, even at this young age):

That right there is the last thing Henrik Sedin saw last night. It’s the last thing Anze Kopitar saw last night as he at least stood up and fought after another chickenshit hit by the King of the sneak attacks. I have newfound respect for the ambush tactics of the Viet Cong, who moved only at night and lived in the ground. They fought a much more respectable battle than this Dustin Brown character. He’s a boring Sean Avery, a dimwitted Matt Cooke, a tongue-tied Theo Fleury.

Can you picture Dustin Brown in the Philly/Pitt series right now, going after the softest player on the other team, from behind, then leaving someone like Anze Kopitar to answer the bell for him? I can picture him a Flyer, taking a run at Crosby and Sid just looking at him, shaking his head in disgust as FLYER FANS chant “brown sucks”. His own team would beat his ass if he had to play in a mans series like that.


LATE EDIT 4/16/2012 3:09 PST: I received many unfriendly messages from my asiatic brethren of South Vietnamese (pinko) persuasion. A representative example

bạn là một người mẹ xấu xí của một con chó

 Loosely translated, they have promised to find my mother and put bamboo shoots up her fingernails if I ever compare them to that nasty piece of shit, Dustin Brown.
My apologies.

11 Responses to “Fight or Flight? We know Dustin Brown’s answer!”

  1. Phu Phuc Nyet Says:

    Fuck you man do NOT compare my people to that sniveling coward, Dustin Mongloid Brown.

  2. kingster Says:

    bạn là một người mẹ xấu xí của một con chó mà có tình dục hậu môn dustin Brown là đồng tính đồng tính gay

  3. king_stoner Says:

    It must suck not to be in the playoffs huh. That was not a hit from behind and why should he have to fight for laying out that ginger pussy. Why lower his standards to that of a dirty canadian city’s team? We play our game and let them take stupid penalties for retaliating. You are so pathetic its hilarious. Get a life faggot.

    I thought by now lombardi was supposed to be giving his secret surrender to the league since we would be down by 3 games. Just goes to show your lack of hockey knowledge. We are destroying the president trophy winning team player by player, game by game. Kings in 4!!!

    How’s the ducks golf? How’s that bald guy getslaughedat game? How’s that tweaker bird faced fairy? How’s your vertigoalie? How’s that sophomore slumping blueliner? How’s baby ryan? Your teams just as much a joke as your ‘hockey site’.

    The kings will enjoy round 2 and beyond while you’ll enjoy a round or 2 of golf during the spring/summer.

    As always… Can’t wait for you to kill yourself. I figure you might be taking that leap come mid/late june. I sure hope so at least.

  4. kingster Says:

    Whatever it takes for you to try and justify the fact that your captain has Down’s Syndrome, never met a fight he wouldn’t run from and lets Anze Kopitar fight his battles for him. Pathetic.

    Here’s a word of advice for you too … if you aren’t gonna win it, don’t get in it. The Duck is regrouping. They’ll be back to win ANOTHER Cup next year. Your pathetic team? Hoping for a second round series (that they’ll lose) FOURTY FIVE years later! Funny, 45 years ago the Kings had done as much as they have now, and FOURTY FIVE pounds ago you weighed 256. Eat another burrito fatstuff!

  5. king_stoner Says:


    the sucks are no where near ready to compete for a cup!! keep the dream alive i guess lol

    i love burritos by the way

  6. Kingman Says:

    the Ducks already won a cup, dumbfuck!!!

  7. king_stoner Says:

    im not talking about that ducks team dipshit! im talking about your current lineup. what a moronic statement you just made.

    the oilers, islanders, leafs and canadiens of right now arent ready to compete for a cup, but yes they have won some in the past. quite a few in fact

    keep the dream alive.

    ill keep my dream of you killing yourself alive. please just do it already.

  8. kingster Says:

    You are serious about that you dumbfuck? We only get to talk about this years team, all of history is erased? Every one of your LOSING 45 years, they didn’t happen?

    GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET you fucking dimwit.

  9. kingster Says:

    Oh, by the way. Panic time for you dummy!

  10. king_stoner Says:

    panic time? seriously… we’re up 3 games to 1. i think its you thats panicking!!!

    and my comment was directed towards your ducks as of now not being ready to compete for a cup. i get it. you won a cup already… i cant argue that, but if you think your current duck line-up is close to ready for another cup…. youre more retarded than you seem. if you couldnt understand that then please go kill yourself. pretty please!!!!

  11. kingster Says:

    You sound a little freaked out to me dipshit.

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