Holy shit I hate to be one of these guys pontificating and ranting about NHL officiating, but Weber NOT getting suspended for his turnbuckle head-slam move last night is conclusive proof that the NHL is totally full of shit when they say they want to end head injuries and head hits. You can argue, like Wing fans, that they are biased, who knows. But the bottom line is there is just no way to reconcile that “no suspension” with at least half a dozen actual suspensions handed out this year. There is simply no way to look at the play and say Weber was not trying to concuss the fuck out of Zetterberg, that Zetterberg “changed the angle at the last second” or any other way to mitigate the clear cut intent to injure. So what if he failed, he was trying to knock a player the fuck out.

I remember this one guy early in the year who would tweet up a storm after every Shanahan suspension video “another fine job, sir you are cleaning up the game and we all thank you”. “What a hard job to do Mr Shanahan, but you do it with great skill … I see our next commissioner”.

LOL. Now you see what you thought all along. Shanahan is a stupid fucking ex-hockey player. He’s lost his mind letting that play go.

3 Responses to “Weber gets a 2500 dollar fine for that?”

  1. Realist Says:

    Reports on MLive say Zetterberg’s helmet was split in two places after his head was rammed into the glass. So much for people that say Shanahan has a bias for the Red Wings.

  2. king_stoner Says:

    damn for once youre right! should have been at least a 2 game suspension. anyways go fuck yourself.

  3. Dick Pole Says:

    $2500 fine is more of an incentive than a deterrent. That’s like a quarter falling out of Weber’s pocket.

    What a crock of shit.

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