Author: kingster

The Sharks had a chance to win it all at home .. which would have sucked cause stupid Shark fans and their gay PP “chomp” would have got to see it and stupid King fans could have just kicked their TV. But Jumbo Joe and co, total chokers that they are, brought the series to LA so the fat ugly stupid nacho-eating bigmouths get to watch their Kings blow the series at home!! Handshake line coming up tonight you fat fucks!!!

6 Responses to “THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!”

  1. The Green Laser Says:

    Last hockey game of the year for me before I move on to 5 1/2 months of shitty Angels baseball. Maybe I should just read some books instead.

  2. Monk Says:

    man I can’t get a round of golf in at all starting tomorrow, all the places around LA are booked up STARTING TOMORROW.

  3. The Green Laser Says:

    fucking prophetic

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