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If you attend Duck home games then you know the sound of a pre-recorded voice right after the anthem that booms out “CAN YOU FEEL IT” with some music behind it designed to get you all going.

Well the answer is YES. I can feel it. I can feel that Bob Murray just fucked up.

With the Ducks falling to Colorado in one of their few remaining games left vs teams immediately ahead, I can feel it. Bob Murray did nothing at the trade deadline except give up a full year of Devante Smith-Pelly’s Free Agent and contract rights when he announced DSP will stay with the team all year.

Murray, as you will remember, is the guy who added two players this offseason to a 99 point team. Both “additions” were Edmonton cast-offs. Kurtis Foster who is an abomination was had for literally nothing and Andrew Cogliano with his 30 points a year and 41% face off percentage … well Edmonton could not wait to get rid of both of them. Lets put it this way, the Oilers took back Andy Sutton in order to get rid of them. How desperate were they?

So his team flounders and is very nearly last in the league. Then they turn it around and play great, moving all the way up from 13th place to, um, 13th place. In the meantime he has 7 players … all starters .. who become UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS in 6 weeks.


So, what does a 13th place team with 1/3 of the roster UNRESTRICTED do?


But not Bob, oh no, these players “deserve more”. Well you know what they got for all their efforts? NOTHING. HE DID NOTHING.

If he sells, he’s in the market for guys like Vermette, Carter etc. If he doesn’t want the high or long contracts, FINE, then sell and take back prospects and picks. Better yet, trade one of our up and coming picks along with a guy like Blake or Hagman for a solid player? Whatever. The fact is the Duck now looks at all 6 of these players retiring or re-signing elsewhere and WHATEVER we could have got is gone.

Don’t want to sell? FINE, BUY! Trade one of our prospects and a pick and get a second pairing center (Vermette?) for Ryan in anticipation of Koivu’s retirement). Get a 3rd line sparkplug to come in and give you that Steve Thomas effect. DO SOMETHING.

So, Bob does nothing. Wait! He rewards Smith-Pelly with the promise to play him all year, thereby surpassing his 40 game rookie mark and having this year now count as year 1 toward contract status and UFA/RFA status. Seems a nice thing to do for the kid who worked so hard right? Well, if this guy turns into the Dustin Brown type player we predict, what then? That move just cost us 4 or 5 million bucks when he gets to RFA status!

There was no reason to do it. The Duck already let the kid go play in the WJC in the middle of the season and lost 2 months cause he broke his foot! Now we are just giving him a year upgrade on his RFA status in a season where he’s gonna play an extra 9 games over the 40 mark? And the Duck have been in 13th place since November? WTF?!?!?


Here’s the problem. That loss means to get to even 93 points and at that a slim chance of the playoffs, the Duck now has to go 14-4-1. And then do a lot of praying.

I can feel it alright.

Bob Murray has GOT TO GO!!!

13 Responses to “CAN YOU FEEEEEL IT???????”

  1. monk Says:

    the Duck will make the playoffs

  2. kingster Says:

    Don’t contradict me.

    Hey, is Kingstoner really dead?

  3. monk Says:

    why is everyone talking about Parros like he’s a UFA that would a) sign anywhere else and b) could get a return of more than a 6th round pick from anyone not named Burke?

  4. kingster Says:

    Hey, I put him last on the list!

  5. monk Says:

    he makes league minimum! they spend more money on pucks!

  6. kingster Says:

    That’s why I put him last!

  7. monk Says:

    hey does is the equipment trainer signed for next season? put him on the list too!

  8. kingster Says:

    The point remains, Boob should have moved the fucking UFA’s. Now they walk for nothing. STUPID.

  9. king_stoner Says:

    guess whos back the faggot!!!!! im not dead… i know you missed me though!

    i had a great night last night… good hockey game. i think its unfair that the NHL lets the kings play an amateur team like the ducks.

    i seem to recall you talking shit about jeff carter and mike richards…. carters 2 goals and richards 3 assists should shut you up.

    it feels good to be back.

    enjoy the ducks annual spring golf tourney moron!!!!

  10. kingster Says:

    You just called yourself a faggot. Read back that first line to yourself. Doh.

  11. king_stoner Says:

    im not gonna take an english lesson from a dirty gay french midget!

    technically there would need to be a comma between back and faggot for your theory to be correct. or a ‘?’ after back….

    there for, youre a dumb french faggot!!! enjoy spring golf!!!

  12. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Figures you’d come back after a win. Typical front running Kingster faggot.

  13. kingster Says:

    You better read it again you ignorant Kingster! You aren’t making the playoff this year or over the next eleventy twelve years you have the party boys on the roster! They are gonna have some real whiskey shakes by then!

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