Mike Richards Trade

Author: kingster

So the Kings look to add offense by “stealing” Philly’s captain, Mike Richards. They get him for the bargain basement price of Wayne Simmonds and Brayden Schenn.

Coming up on this years trade deadline lets see how that worked out for Dean. Was it a smart move here in year 6 of building his culture of winning, or like Ron Burgundy was milk a bad choice?


Richards is on the Kings books for 8 and a half more seasons. That’s right, the last year they have his cap hit of 5.7 million dollars is 2020. TWO THOUSAND TWENTY!!! He’ll be like 47 that year if my math is right.

Richards has 14 goals and 17 assists. He has scored ONE GOAL since Chrstmas! He’s been healthy too – that’s 26 games ONE goal! OK OK, maybe he’s been lighting it up with the assists? Maybe. Maybe not. He’s got 7.

1 goal, 7 assists, 8 points in his last 26 games.



He’s a “can’t miss” type of guy – one of those nearly 2 point a game Junior heros who, not so incidentally, was World Junior MVP last year. This year in Philly he’s getting his chance to make it in the league and though he’s hardly tearing it up, he’s playing every night and his 8 goals in 31 games (very little to no PP time) still projects to 21 goals in a full season at age 20. He’s still a top level prospect by anyone’s measuring stick.

Brayden Schenn is the #5 overall pick from the 09 draft. This is a guy the Kings got to pick very high because they bounced between 25th and 30th place all of 2008/2009. I mean really, that’s your reward for sucking all year, a high pick.


Simmonds has turned into a very good player. Always physically above average, he’s now offensively above average. In 59 games for the Flyers he’s got 22 goals and 39 points to go with his 75 penalty minutes. He’s a force.

If he were on the Kings his 22 goals would lead ALL PLAYERS IN GOAL SCORING by five!



This is shaping up to be maybe the worst trade of all time. Dean Lombardi, please don’t get fired. Duck fans need you in LA!


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  1. monk Says:

    worse trade of all time? I need an in depth cross analysis with the Penner trade to make that determination.

  2. TheGreenLaser Says:

    You might want to throw the Jeff Carter trade in there now. Dude is on the books until 20 fucking 22!!!

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