I Think I Like Darryl Sutter

Author: kingster

He sure seems to try and tell it like it is. And no matter how bad I’ve wanted the Kings to fail going all the way back to the circus act of the Gretzky years, I actually think Sutter gets it.

Here’s what he had to say about Brown and Kopitar, a couple days after calling Dustin Penner “Horsehshit”:

Yeah, Kopitar and Brown (need) to get going. Neither one has done much for six weeks. These guys talk too much about the team. They should talk more about more about themselves, what they bring to the table. … Kopi and Brownie have been stale, from my standpoint, for a little while together. In terms of producing opportunities, if it’s working backwards, in terms of who you perceive as your fourth line, to your first, then it’s not really a team thing.’’

Maybe I’m misreading that but I think he’s saying that they are playing like fourth liners and making excuses and diffusing their own failed play. For all the talk of creating a “culture of winning” the Kings still put center stage a kinda dopey looking #1 center with a knack for the heavily accented cliche …  and a Captain who looks, well, look Down’s Syndrome is not a funny thing and I’m not going to go there, I’m just gonna say that Dustin Brown looks like a dumb guy. And he pays lip service in every interview to “the team this” and “the team that” and boy am I glad to NOT be a fan and watch these guys muddle through one of the worst offensive seasons in Kings history acting like everything is OK we just gotta keep hustling.

Either way, I think Sutter has figured these pussies out.

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  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    For the next blog article I suggest a side by side comparison of Getzlaf/Perry quotes when the Ducks were playing bad and a side by side comparison quote of recent Kopitar/Brown quotes. I promise that they will pretty much show what every one on this site has been saying for years. If you want to build a culture of winning you need to start with WINNERS.

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