Holy crap have they got some nerve! The Los Angeles Kings … that’s right the LOSERS SINCE 1967 … are raising ticket prices and not just by a little. “In this economy” they are raising ticket prices all over the arena by an average of 11%! They just gave themselves an 11% raise! Job well done, fellas! Mission accomplished!

This team is still on the cusp of making the playoffs. They are LAST IN THE LEAGUE IN GOALS SCORED. Their fans are pretty much utterly disgusted with the team as they all put down a big 20 dollar bill on the Kings to win the Cup back in October and got 17-1 odds. Most of these guys figured “hmmm 20 times 17 is like 4 thousand 6 hundred” so they are bummed. Now you raise their prices 11%?

It reminds me of the year when Bruce Mcnall didn’t refund playoff ticket deposit money (of course, it was one of the majority of seasons when the Kings missed the playoffs but took deposits in February anyway) until AFTER all the season ticket money was due. Yep, he refunded the playoff ticket money (which he had clearly already spent) with the season ticket sales for the NEXT season.

This franchise needs to be contracted.


And yes, the picture above is a picture of Kevin Smith (a King fan favorite – he’s fat, does drugs, wears jean shorts, is bald and has a goatee/beard and I’m guessing he’s got stupid tattoos too) performing a civil union ceremony for two same sex King fans. AKA homos.


  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    I’d be all for moving them to Kansas City but I rather have them stick around for the easy wins.

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