The TRUE Abomination

Author: kingster

Twenty-some years later the friendless take over. The dumpy, undereducated, overmedicated losers have their day in the sun. I feel like Stan Gable from Revenge of the Nerds, looking on as the community of total misfits eats one (or three) more plates full of nachos, washes the cheese sauce from the front of their jersey and then heads off to the game for “LGK appreciation night”.


Reminds me too of when they bring the mentally handicapped to the mall.


They should have called it “socially inept appreciation day”. I had a theory a long time ago that the morons at LGK that pay 5 dollars a month for a bbs that runs for free (essentially) then go to “pick up roller hockey games” and “pass the hat” for the guy who runs it (which is to say the guy that does nothing) must be blindingly stupid or so socially awkward that they are basically paying to have friends. Granted, these are internet friends, but ….


Do you remember, like me, a better time? An era where anyone that “met up” with someone they talked to on the internet was a total loser?



Below is a list of the “mods”. Do you remember hall monitors? Do you remember the people that begged to be hall monitors? These are the guys that make sure if someone posts an erroneous birthday, they correct it! If someone puts a thread about Mcdonalds in the movie forum, they promptly move it to the food thread. Thank god for these guys. These idiots finally, 20 years later, got their names on the message board at Staples! Woot, right? Yeah, their SCREEN NAMES! Pass the ranch dressing bro, I got a mouthful of fries here.


I had forgotten this one. The guy that runs this site has always run it for profit. Sold ads, sold out to Sold “memberships”, marked up tee shirts, marked up tickets. Well, while he was making a profit, he was also pandering for donations. I had forgot this Creeping Death gargantuan dude who donated the first server. Matt Dancing Liar Berry gave the Rat the second server. I mean these guys GAVE him money, just to get in good on the LGGay.



I”m going to be nice and not say anything about the next one. I just want you to try and tell me now that the Revenge of the Nerds reference wasn’t spot on. BTW, that’s Kingstoner on the right.

5 Responses to “The TRUE Abomination”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Screen names!?!?!? I’m all for anonymous donations because I feel that if you really are a giving person you don’t need any recognition. Well, these fuckers obviously do need recognition and when they finally get it it’s their screen name? Then I realized that nobody would know, or give a fuck, who “John Smith” is and anyone who cares is at LGK so screen names are probably the way to go. What a bunch of fucking losers. I hope they all catch both cancer and AIDS.

  2. monk Says:

    nearly 10k idiot kings fans that night still say out loud “who the fuck is hipcheck?”

  3. monk Says:

    kinda wish the previous blog stayed up

  4. Dick Pole Says:

    Leave TonySCV out of this. That’s one cool cat, right there, man. Have you ever seen his “The Price is Right” website? Cool beans redefined.

  5. Gypsy Duck Says:

    How dare you insult the intelligence and integrity of Gilbert, Skolnik, Booger, Lamar Latrell, Wormser and Takashi. At least they all got laid by the Mu’s.

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