Why would you admit this?

Author: kingster

Dustin Penner throws out his back eating pancakes. If you didn’t see it already, I’M SERIOUS. He threw out his back eating pancakes, says it just locked up on him.


I mean he stole the fucking joke. How can you write something insulting or funny when he actually throws out his back eating pancakes. The gigantic, lazy, overweight and underachieving albatross throws out his back eating pancakes.


Go Kings Go?


3 Responses to “Why would you admit this?”

  1. Dick Pole Says:

    Mid season and the fucking guy eats pancakes?

    Makes me wonder whether the Kings have a dietician or whether this fuck just lets everything they say go in one ear and right out the other.

    Knowing Penner and the Kings, either scenario is equally likely.

  2. kingster Says:

    He hurt his back EATING PANCAKES!

  3. Gypsy Duck Says:

    I always said that fucker was like that fat kid in school that always smelled like pancake syrup.

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