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11 Responses to “TYPICAL”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    I heard that he stole the stockings and panties from a customer he was installing cable for. Suck fuck.

  2. kingster Says:

    Who in the fuck is that?

  3. king_stoner Says:

    toe you finally jumped back on the kings bandwagon. good for you, although, everyone knows granny panties arent in right now.

    oh, youre wearing those paties cause your on your rag! makes sense.

    how are the ducks doing? my computer is broken and wont scroll that far down the standings.

    i came here to read about the ducks amazing success this season but all i was able to find out is;

    what toe dresses like after kings wins, that dustin penner likes to eat pancakes, you and your gay life partner like to shoot quail, that we finally left iraq, that gandolf smokes weed everday, lombardi cheapens out again, the failure on figueroa, that matt barry came back after being fired from his volunteer job.

    fucking failure!

  4. king_stoner Says:

    now that ive commented on here, cant wait to see all of toe’s aliases comment back to me!

  5. kingster Says:

    You are a fucking idiot dude. That picture is captioned “Kingstoner” and your reply is to say it’s me? I already said it’s you. You can’t spell, you can’t fucking write and you can’t think. DIe.

  6. king_stoner Says:

    oh im sorry i didnt know the rules of this site. put your cursor on the pic and its say kingsterwtf. that would make it you, not me you cross dressing faggot!

    ”I already said it’s you.” just so you know you sound like a lil bitch when you whine like that.

    what is ‘DIe’? i guess im not the only one who cant write.

    have you seen the latest comments on the last blog from anaheim blogger on hockey buzz? pretty pathetic fan base you guys have there.


  7. kingster Says:

    Hey genius? The picture has a “caption”. When I posted the picture, I said it was you. So you come in and say “no, it’s not me it’s you”. Graduate from 3rd grade already.

    And you are really posting about who has the best fan base in a comment section below a picture of that freak Kingfan? FUCK.

  8. king_stoner Says:

    in that pic, its your gay lover from the quail fucking, i mean hunting, trip you gays took. he bet that you couldnt fit all of those birds up your ass at once. he should know you better. you said ok but you have to do a tebow pose in a kopitar jersey if i can.

    ”When I posted the picture, I said it was you. So you come in and say “no, it’s not me it’s you”. Graduate from 3rd grade already.”

    are you a girl thats under the age of 15? cause you sure do write like it.

    what is DIe?

  9. kingster Says:

    I don’t even know where to start. There is a level at which actual communication becomes impossible because someone like you is so stupid that it’s frustrating.

    What happened here, stupid, is that I posted a picture of some freakishly gay Kingfan because, welll, Kingfans are generally fat (he is), bald in their 20’s (again, looks like he is) and queer (he pose in womens stockings to get tickets to a “meet the players event”.

    As an aside I captioned it Kingstoner. You have to admit it bears an uncanny resemblance to you, right?

    So you come in and say it’s me? Then when I tell you how stupid it is to do that, you say it’s my gay lover? How bout this: Kingstoner, that picture is your mom LOL brb wtf and lolcatx.

    And your rip on me is that I said “die”? You don’t know what it means when I say to you: Die?

    Really, how the fuck do I communicate with a guy who claims to not understand someone wishing death on him? Get cancer and die you fat fucking slob.

  10. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Maybe if you communicate with king stoner in Twitter speak? I think that’s how the faggy King fans are doing it these days.

  11. king_stoner Says:

    i take it back… a 12 year old girl who just started her period! youre such a bitch!

    and if youre gonna make fun of people in the 20’s that are bald, lets talk about your captain ryan getzlaughedat.

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