Author: kingster

And before you call DFG, yes, there are 17 quail in that picture. Two hunters. Suck it birds!


7 Responses to “A TOUGH YEAR TO BE A QUAIL”

  1. hamertime Says:

    nice outfit faggo!

  2. Kingster Says:

    Thats not me dipshit.

  3. king_stoner Says:

    it must suck to be a ducks fan these days!!! you had the high of a cup and now look at you. pathetic!

    BTW…. toe its been almost 2 weeks with no chatter on this site without me coming here and you resorted to a hunting story on your ducks HOCKEY blog site. fucking lame ass loser!

  4. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Shit if it sucks to be a Duck fan because of one horrible season just 5 years after winning a Cup what must it be like to be a King fan? No cup for 45 fucking years, 7 years of Lombardi and what is happening now? The Kings are the new Minnesota Wild? Fucking loser wasn’t here in the weeks leading up until Suter’s hiring. Why? Because you’re like all other fair weather faggot King fans. Fuck off KingStoner. Go lay some more fiber optic cable you loser.

  5. king_stoner Says:

    i wasnt on here to prove a point to toe! no one ever comes here to comment unless i leave one first.

    you cant deny it since NO ONE left a comment while i was gone!

    what now fags?

  6. TheGreenLaser Says:

    nobody left a comment here because this bird post is the only post on the blog for like 2 weeks you fucking moron.

  7. kingster Says:

    Kingstoner why don’t you comment on the Dustin Penner blog post you fat retarded idiot!

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