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This is the year it was all going to come together. Richards and Gagne to go with the offensive dynamo that is the LA Kings? The Cup is ours. I know for a fact that Dean Lombardi called the Stanley Cup Engraver’s office in October and had them spelling out “Kopitar” properly. The Kings “insider” was in on it. The coach. The GM. The future is now!
The fans of course, were their retarded self. Bringing to mind the total backfire of the JMFJ tee shirts worn under the KILL JACK KILL hoodies, Kingfans went out and made these shirts this year:


The Kings have now lost 5 in a row. They are 12th in the west, 24th in the league. They are LAST IN THE LEAGUE IN GOALS SCORED.


If it wasn’t for Jon Quick, the red cheeked flat-brimmer in the photo above could look at that shirt in the mirror and have a good chance of 0-83 coming true.



7 Responses to “FAILURE ON FIGUEROA!!!!”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    That guy is like fucking 50 and still flat brimming? What the fuck is wrong with these tools? KingStoner…what say you?

  2. Kingly Kingster Says:

    and somehow we’re still ahead of you guys in the standings lol……

  3. kingster Says:

    Great, you are first loser.

    How’s the race to the Cup going?

  4. TheGreenLaser Says:

    still ahead of the Duck sure….and as bad as the Duck has been the lead is what 9 points with the Duck having played one less game? Wow…that 7 year rebuild must have really been worth the wait! Congratulations!

  5. TheGreenLaser Says:

    7 points…..if this were baseball it would be 3 1/2 games. We’re really fucking impressed asshole!

  6. Realist Says:

    Since when is there 83 games in a season?

  7. kingster Says:

    Well we have to give him a pass on that one. That’s from Vegas where they play the annual preseason game and all stay at the off strip super 8 and wander around looking for the cheapest buffet …

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