Eklund: “Sorry, man, I have to fire you.”

Dancing, flitting Makeitup Boy: “You can’t do that, I don’t really work here.”

Eklund: “That’s what makes this so difficult”.


It’s true. He’s gone. Read all about it at LGGay. He flipped out about somethingoranother. Just not getting enough attention, I guess.

I guess he’ll have to claim to have inside information (and friends) somewhere else now.

5 Responses to “Dancing Boy Fired from a volunteer job?”

  1. MATT BERRY Says:


  2. Eklund Says:

    This is your official legal warning. Stop all discussion of Matt’s tenure with hockeybuzz.com. We will sue if provocated. I can neithe deny nor confirm his ouster, only say that he is no longer welcome within the confines of HockeyBuzz.com. We do not make stuff up so stop saying that. My sources = impeccable.

  3. monk Says:

    and the kings are about the fire their coach! poor guy won’t have anywhere to break the news!

  4. Kingboner Says:

    Maybe Toe will let the fag do a guest blog here?

  5. kingster Says:

    I wonder if he’ll continue to pretend to have inside sources and details on stuff like the Kovalchuk trade, now that he’s a solo artist again?

    I mean, why not? It’s all make believe anyway.

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