It’s true! Matty Beery does it again. Just like all the times he’s threatened to give up his season tix, then you find out he never had season tix. Or a week later he forgets that he swore to never go to the game in his season tix then writes about the game he’s going to tonight in his season tix. He’s gonna quit after 10,000 posts, now he’s up to 10,287. He’s going to buy EVERYONE drinks! He’s not going to dance unless they give him free tickets, but he dances anyhow. Then he retires, then he unretires. I think he just gets bored, so he makes shit up. This gig as a fake hockey insider is perfect, because the internet has so thoroughly ruined journalism and sports reporting that any dipshit who dances during time outs for attention .. he can have make up anything he wants!


Anyway, CBGB/DANCINGBOY/MATTYBEERY lost his gig as the head King blogger at the Eklund liar site. He then quit. He then set up his own blog. He has since (and we are talking 24 hours!) apologized, promised to be nice and has gone back on his word, once again. Thankfully we can now be entertained by a guy who knows nothing about hockey. He can make up fake rumors, use the grammar and punctuation of a 9th grader and constantly name drop. It’ll be great.

Can you imagine the email?

Dear Eklund,

I’m so sorry. This will never happen again. I recognize I crossed the line and I promise to not be so offensive in the future. May I please have my unpaid job back?


Dancing Gay










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  1. Tonga Says:

    What a total fag.

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