Kings = Slumpbusters!

Author: kingster

When you are headed for last place in the league, all you need to turn the tide is something easy. The fat chick. The weak opponent. Enter Los Angeles’ Kings and their fabled season of destiny! DUCK WINS DUCK WINS DUCK WINS!!!!


Here’s the game recap:


Anaheim, California. Tuesday night in Anaheim saw the Anaheim Duck lined up against their cross-town rival, the Los Angeles Kings. Boring. The Duck is having it’s worst season ever and the Kings barely put up a fight. Pathetic. Pretty much this sums it up: Kyle Clifford played 5:41 and he spent 5:31 running away from fights. Dustin Brown wasn’t even up for his usual diving tactics, he just didn’t seem to care. Anze Kopitar? Invisible if not for his Storky looking choppy hack skating style and sunken malformed eyesockets. Between Brown and Kopitar alone you have the poster shots for Heroin addiction and Down’s Syndrome. Really a humiliating thing. I hate the Kings and I was embarrassed to watch. This is the official game report from the AP and UPI wires so listen up. Kings really are bad. I mean, seriously bad. Wasn’t this supposed to be the year they won the cup? DEANO SUCKS IT!



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