Are you an idiot, Murray???

Author: kingster

OK, so you come up with this great plan for the season, and your first line is touted as the best line in the league. Then, 23 games in everyone on the whole team is in the tank. The season is pretty much over. SO, what to do?

Well lets see. If you are an old, dumb, stubborn man with no leadership, charisma or foresight? If you are half bald and if you throw barstools when you lose your temper and if you mock and ridicule any reporter that asks you a hard question?  If you are afraid of the press and public and leave your coach and players to do all the talking when your team is in a horrible slump? If you are a total dipshit? What do you do then as GM?

Well what Boob Murray does is looks at his roster, downs another cruller and  finds his 35 goal scoring 24 year old on a good long contract and TRADES HIM!

Right. A team that can generate no offense. A team that is going to lose it’s entire 2nd line (that averages like 39 years old anyway) to retirement next year, he’s going to trade maybe his most potent offensive player?

Think of this. Ryan, who gets ZERO pp time on right wing cause he’s blocked by Selanne, gets 30 plus goals at age 21, 22 and 23. He’d have hit 40 each of those years if he was in Selanne’s RW slot on the PP. So, what to do, what to do? TRADE HIM???


At a time when the whole rest of the league knows how desperate you are too.


Here’s how next years forward line up looks if he trades Ryan for prospects and a DMAN:






Oh sure, he can fill those slots with Matt Beleskey (who last week he waived and no one wanted him and this week is on his first line!) or Hagman (who Calgary dumped and who every team in the league PASSED on) or Maxwell (Who Montreal CUT). Hell, he can call up Dan Sexton. But the point remains, this team is in deep deep shit next year at forward EVEN if Etem or Palmieri or Holland OR ALL OF THEM work out. And he’s going to trade our youngest star forward?




13 Responses to “Are you an idiot, Murray???”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Trading Bobby Ryan would force me to boycott the Ducks until Murray is fired. Seriously. Not a fucking cent. Not even a fucking minute to check the scores. I would boycott this team for good.

  2. Kingly Kingster Says:

    i’m enjoying every second of this and your guys’ misery 🙂

  3. TheGreenLaser Says:

    seems only fair seeing how your misery has been going on for 45 years. Probably longer than you have been alive.

  4. monk Says:

    he’s not being shopped, there’s an overwhelming amount of offers for him

  5. king_stoner Says:

    not bad toe…

    it actually looks like you did a ducks report and had 3 people comment on it in a day. good jog buddy. youre an real reporter… just like rich hammond

  6. Realist Says:

    Wings’ will take him off your hands for Jonathan Ericsson and Jiri Hudler, deal?

  7. Shawna Says:

    Someone get Bob Murray’s email address…..he needs to be spammed this article! #SaveBpbbyRyan

  8. Kingly Kingster Says:

    Carlyle Out…Boudreau In…..

  9. kingster Says:

    Wait till Boudreau finds out Andrew Fucking Gordon is playing every game for the Ducks.

  10. TheGreenLaser Says:

    that was gold kingster….pure gold

  11. kingster Says:

    He’s gonna try and send him to Hershey for the 4th year in a row, someone’s gonna say no, no, you have to send him to syracuse, and then BB will go apeshit “what the fuck you fuckin send him where I fuckin say and I fuckin say send the fuck to fuckin Hershey, fuck.”

  12. SomeKingFag Says:

    Hahahahahahaha fuckin Andrew Gordon

  13. monk Says:

    seriously, why did you call me somekingfag?

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