But … the likelihood is he’s calling Edmonton, or Washington or Montreal, asking about some of their older AHL players who might be available. My guess? He’s offering Etem and Palmieri plus a first rounder for Joffrey Lupul.


It’s November though, so while you are getting the turkey and stuffing ready, pull up OCregister.com or something and check it out. The annual quote is coming: “if the players think I’m firing the coach, they have another thing coming”.


This is a man with no plan. He bounces from one transaction to the next as if the sun wasn’t coming up tomorrow. How many “projects” can a team bring through before they acquire a guy that is actually achieving? I mean Anaheim is the place Steve Eminnger, Kyle Chipchura, Aaron Voros … they were all going to benefit from the change of scenery. This year it’s Andrew Gordon off the Washington scrapheap, the 46 ¬†year old scrappy AHL superstar busy killing penalties while amassing 1 point 20 games in and Nik Hagman who was sent to the minors from Calgary, who no one claimed but us, on his way back through re-entry waivers! That sentence is a quadruple run on but that’s OK cause Murray quadruple sucks. Last year Mara and Lilja and Sutton were the guys he “had his eye on”! This year he claims he had his eye on Hagman for over a year! Right, so that he could watch him suck, get cut in Calgary, clear waivers and then clear the few teams below us back on re-entry waivers. At that point the game was over, Bob was all coiled up like a viper and he struck and struck hard! “With the 5th pick in the re-entry scrapheap dumpsterdiving leftovers from CALGARY of all fucking places, the Mighty Ducks of …. errr … the Anaheim Ducks select Center Niklas Hagman. He is s a center, right? Oh shit!”

15 Responses to “Hopefully he’s on the phone to Samuelli, getting fired.”

  1. king_stoner Says:

    I don’t like men damnit!

    I LOVE THEM!!!!

  2. TheGreenLaser Says:

    What’s even sadder is that Hagman was better than like 90% of the other Duck players against Detroit. Fuck me.

  3. king_stoner Says:

    Hagman was a good opportunistic pickup and yes, how much better he was than most of the Duck players was very noticeable. I’m sure every GM has their eyes on tons of players around the league just in case they become available they know what the fuck is up with the player.

  4. monk Says:

    I agree

  5. Everyonehateskingstoner Says:

    What in the blue fuck is that second sentence supposed to mean you illiterate dumbass?

  6. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Fuck you KingStoner

  7. kingster Says:

    KS, until you stop speaking in gibberish, I”m not responding to you any more. You are not a very smart woman.

  8. kingstonerssister Says:

    i molested you cause i hoped you hang yourself
    will you marry me?

  9. king_stoner Says:

    i heard about your dad leaving you that nasty comment. he’s a gross fat fuck inst he?

  10. kingster Says:

    Your math is as bad as your English. Trust me, you make yourself look stupid enough without me. Now go back to trying to add to 7.

  11. king_stoner Says:

    wow toe… you really are pathetic, arent you? so sad

    how the ducks doing?

  12. Dick Pole Says:

    Seems pretty clear to me that Sameuli has his own internal cap and Murray is pretty well handcuffed by the bean counters.

    Carlyle should take these guys to go see Moneyball as a team building exercise.

  13. monk Says:

    king stoner what kind of life do you live only posting in comments on a blog no one reads. sign up for the forum and give pucktheducks a reacharound. not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    but you still suck.

  14. kingstoner Says:

    I like men.

  15. Khanon Says:

    Hey KS, hows the cable guy business going? My DVR has been acting up a bit… What should I do?

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