That is the poignant question asked by the guy who calls himself “the hipcheck” on blogtalkradio last night! Verbatim. Keep in mind, Tonga likens Terry Murray’s incompetence to how Tonga got benched when he played baseball in high school!


This is the funniest show I’ve ever heard in my life.


They started the show saying “this is the way to go, I started this show so you can call in and talk, you don’t have to type in a box on the internet”. Then he says “tonight we will be reading to you from the comments in the LGK shoutbox and you can write in on our chatbox if you don’t want to call.”


I’m 10 minutes in and it’s non stop attacks on Terry Murray, and now “the hipcheck” is quoting “poorman” who said Kopitar would be a superstar in any other system. ¬†Poorman? How bout we ask Wolfman Jack too?


It’s like two rocks debating the performance of a loaf of bread.


Oh Christ, now Tonga has to sign off, his “battery is dying”.




Holy crap, I listened to the whole thing. One call. In the middle of the show he started yelling at some guy who was posting stuff on the “chatsite” saying “get out of here you punk” and then “oh god, I can’t type and talk at the same time”. I am listening live to a LA Kingfan ranting and raving to himself as he slowly slips into some sort of postal fit of rage. The Kings are, according to him (and over and over for 36 minutes) a great team being completely held back by the incompetence of Terry Murray, who, I quote again “has never did a momentum changing play in his king career”.

9 Responses to ““Has Terry Murray ever did a momentum changing play?””

  1. Dick Pole Says:

    Obviously, hunting and fishing aren’t cutting it here. You need another fucking hobby, dude.

  2. kingster Says:

    Did you ever did a momentum changing play, Dick?

  3. kingster Says:

    I have been informed that that was not Tonga with the “I’m still pissed I got cut from the JV team in my senior year” comment, but some other Kingster. My bad.

  4. hamertime Says:

    I hate everyone

  5. PucktheDucks Says:

    Hey Dickhead,
    That was me, and if you paid attention, which I think you didnt, I said I was benched after pitching a shitty game in high school, never did I say I got cut from the JV team in high school, I made the Varsity team my freshman year. Your a douchbag.

  6. kingster Says:

    PtD, my bad. I’ll believe the “I made Varsity my freshman year” bullshit the same day I believe you once didn’t finish a box of donuts.

  7. kingster Says:

    I’ve changed my mind. It’s not my fault. How the fuck am I supposed to tell Tonga from PtD, it’s two fat, slow-witted, jean-short-wearing pontificators sitting on their fat ass eating nachos, claiming the players don’t try hard enough and saying that they are smarter than Terry Murray. I like the one line they and “the hipster” always go to “it’s the same thing we’ve been saying as fans for 3 years, why can’t he see it”. Well, he can’t see it, STUPID, because you are wrong, and you have been wrong for 3 years.

    There’s actually an inverse relationship – the longer and more true a Kingfan believes something to be accurate, the more likely it’s stupid.

  8. PucktheDucks Says:

    You really are a fucking dumbshit…..

  9. kingster Says:

    Fire Terry Murray! RIght, genius?

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