23 Responses to “Keep your head up tonight, Mike Underwood!”

  1. king_stoner Says:

    leave it to a dirty french ducks fans to glorify the cheap shots in our game!

    is francois blowsaman one of your frenchy relatives?

  2. kingster Says:

    LOL! That was a legal shoulder to shoulder check you retard.

  3. king_stoner Says:

    thats funny… he got a penalty for illegal check to the head! listen to the replay or go here


    so what makes it a legal? it was an east to west hit…. illegal. his shoulder hit fishers jaw…. illegal. both refs instantly raised their hands after the hit. both saw it was an illegal check…. from 2 different angles.

    you sir are a moron!!! i think you like to argue with me, with your lack of hockey IQ, just to get people coming to your website.

  4. king_stoner Says:

    oh…. and youre totally gay too!

  5. kingster Says:

    Hey KS, you stupid moron, have you ever heard of a ref blowing a call?

    That play was reviewed by the league and ruled that the “principal point of contact” was with the shoulder. It was NOT a head hit! They said so. Tell me again, then, what was “illegal” about it you stinking idiot.

  6. king_stoner Says:

    it still was an east to west hit…. which the league is trying to get rid of. they’ve been tryin to get rid of them since the richards on booth hit.

    anything else you wanna add faggot

  7. kingster Says:

    What in the blue hell are you talking about? There is no rule ANYWHERE about “east to west” hits you freaking imbecile. The league APPROVED that hit. Holy shit. If it’s an illegal hit, what is the penalty? “two minutes for east to west hit” WTF you stupid stupid man. They have been eliminating “blindside” HEAD HITS. They have defined it as being illegal if the “principal point of contact is the head”. That’s what the ref saw in realtime, and he called it. But the league looked at it and said it was NOT A HEAD HIT!

    Tell me what rule was broken, dipshit?

  8. king_stoner Says:

    looks like toe doesnt get internet at whatever bathhouse he’s at!

    no response? where you at toe?

  9. Monk Says:

    Even Mike Fisher said it was a clean hit you knob goblin.

  10. Dick Pole Says:

    Refs fucked up, but hard to fault them with a play like that unfolding in real time.

    Shanahan nearly shot a load on himself praising Beauchemin on this hit. He specifically cited how he skated to a position in front of Fisher and bent his knees to come upward at him and into the shoulder. So kingstoner, you can go take a big hit off your dick-shaped bong. And then stick it in your ass and go ATM all night.

  11. king_stoner Says:

    funny how none of you have links for these!

    i think dick pole is toe’s gay side coming out!

  12. Dick Pole Says:

    Here you go, idiot. Start around the 4:10 mark.


  13. Monk Says:

    oh kingstoner you just got f’d in the A!

  14. king_stoner Says:

    figures dick pole would like this video…

    with the way shanahan talks about guys blowing.

    and leave it to toe’s other fake alias monk to about gay sex!!

  15. king_stoner Says:

    i am jealous that the ducks will get nail yakupov next year… since you guys will most likely finish last.

  16. Monk Says:

    kingstoner you have a hockey puck for a dick and a 8 year old boy for a girlfriend, you should be put in a cardboard box and set on fire

  17. king_stoner Says:

    look monk..

    id put my dick in that cardboard box you call your mothers hairy pussy but it would catch on fire!

    i wonder how many of her family members she had fuck to have you, you inbred retard!!!!

  18. Monk Says:

    look how tough you are in the comments! sign up for the message board. No one likes you.

  19. king_stoner Says:

    your right, Im sorry for all I have done and I am a horrible person with no life or ambition for success. I surf the internet all day eating deep fried twinkies because I have no friends or a job or hobbies and as much as I love touching penises I cant masturbate myself anymore.

  20. kingster Says:

    KS, the Kings are 2 measly points ahead of the Duck. GET A CLUE.

  21. king_stoner Says:

    looks like we’re up by 4 points toe but nice try at basic math!

  22. kingster Says:

    Yeah, and it’ll be some other number after the teams play Wednesday night. How stupid are you?

  23. kingster Says:

    BTW, KS, interesting how you stopped saying this was an illegal hit you backtracking homo!

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