Richie boy has another big day today, blogging 88 times about inane crap. Consider this, “Morning in San Jose” with a picture taken out his hotel window of San Jose, and the thrilling hockey update:


The nearby shopping mall has its huge outdoor Christmas tree up and decorated, on Nov. 7. Never too early to get people in that buying mood, I suppose. It’s the first of three trips to San Jose this season, and it’s a cool morning but with clear skies.



Later in the day, he blogs about Michael Handzus, now with the Sharks:



It’s a new look all around for Michal Handzus, the former Kings center who signed with San Jose as a free agent in July. Not only is Handzus wearing black and teal, but he also came off the ice this morning looking freshly shaved and without the long, flowing hair of the past.


Later, Rich explains how Drew Doughty got hit in the face with a puck and almost got injured, it was scary, but he didn’t get injured. The other 82 blogs are about how the lines might be different tonight.


Go Sharks?

5 Responses to “Hammond the Hack, at it again!”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Handzus had short hair when he was with the Kings and this douche talks about him like he just got a new haircut.

  2. Monk Says:

    who the fuck cares? real hockey players are bald by 23

  3. Typical Kingster Says:

    Hey Toe, was Hammond’s shit this morning double tapered, or just on one end?

    Seriously, who gives a fuck. He’s a hack. He’s a PR guy. He wasn’t a journalist even when he was working for a newspaper. We get it. Fuck.

  4. kingster Says:

    I will not give up on my quest to overprove that this asshole is a fraud. They interview him between periods and Jim Fox asks him questions about hockey!!!! WTF? That shit has to stop. If it stops, I stop. Till then this pencilneck jocksniffer gets the Toe treatment god dammit.

  5. Typical Kingster Says:

    I hear Anschutz himself is a loyal lurker here at Teh D, so it should be any day now.

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