Strike gold once, then cheap out? Arte Moreno seems to have pulled that move for the Angels, losing now yearly when Boston or someone else takes the good players. Relying on Jered Weaver to give him a hometown discount.


Is Henry Samuelli up to the same thing?


The Duck is about 5 mill under the cap, last I saw. They have Andrew Gordon on the third line at 525k a year. Washington gave up on this slight, innefective player who the Duck now is billing as a “defensive forward”. That is what you call a guy that lights it up in the AHL but can’t score in the NHL – a grinder. He’s not a grinder, sorry. He’s a little scrappy, he looks good killing penalties. But he’s making 525k for a reason – the Duck was the only team willing to make an offer and who had space for a 26 year old rookie on their third line.
He’s accompanied by 19 year old Devante Smith-Pelly, who just played his 10th game, robbing the Duck of a year on his first contract. DSP played 6 minutes on the fourth line last night. He is 20th on the team in icetime. He has 1 assist. He’s -4, 19th on the team. But guess what, he makes 870k. He stays.

Macenauer? 800k. Beleskey 700. Bonino 690.


There’s a reason these players have low salaries … as Happy Gilmore’s girlfriend says, THEY AREN’T ANY GOOD.


Samuelli’s self-imposed team cap has the Duck fielding two lines then a bunch of crap. Getzlaf played 30 minutes against Chicago. There’s a reason for that – the bottom six aren’t any good.

Why on earth the Duck is keeping a 19 year old FOURTH LINER and burning a year on his first contract, when he is statistically the worst player on the team … well that’s beyond me. Why anyone sees anything in the hapless Andrew Gordon .. that’s even further beyond me.

Coupon clippers end up in long lines at awful stores getting inferior products. The Duck management has to step up and fix this reliance on the top two lines. Some players have to be brought in to fill out the rest of the roster. Bonino and Gordon are just this years Carter and Bodie. THey SUCK!

7 Responses to “Is The Owner Pulling an Arte Moreno?”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Dude is worth over a billion fucking dollars and he’s trying to cheap out. As for Moreno, you are way off base. The Angels had a $141 million dollar payroll. They sucked because their nigger GM was a fucking moron and they let that fat fuck Scioscia have too much say in personnel…IE trade Napoli and his $2.5 million dollar contract for Vernon Wells and his 4 year $86 million dollar contract.

    The real point is this….If Arte Moreno who at the time he purchased the Angels was worth $980 million is capable of running a Major League Baseball team that he bought CASH for $180 million dollars with a top 5 payroll in the MLB yet Samueli….A FUCKING BILLIONAIRE… trying to save a few million on a fucking NHL franchise that he got on the cheap for only $75 million. Someone please explain THAT to me.

  2. kingster Says:

    Your racism aside, the point is well taken. Samuelli bought the team for 75, last I saw was 6 months ago it was valued at 187 million. Do the math, he’s made 112 million. Now he loses a million a year on the hockey side (they don’t talk parking and stuff, do they?) and he cries “small market” team? Bullshit. Spend the dough. No internal cap.

  3. hamertime Says:

    He is a nigger though, just sayin

  4. king_stoner Says:


    3 of toes fakes aliases having an argument with each other to make it seem like people care about his site.


  5. kingster Says:

    Hey stupid, how’s “quicker” doing? Kings suck it!

  6. king_stoner Says:

    he’s been off his game the last week, but overall he is 6-2-2 with a 1.66 GAA and .941 SV%

    id say thats not bad!

    how about hiller…. 4-4-3 with a 2.61 GAA and .904 SV%

    i know im a dumb pothead but id say quick is doing better and the kings are ahead of the sucks in the standings…. so your last comment was pretty GAY LIKE YOU!

    anything else you short french faggot

  7. kingster Says:

    How many cups do the Kings have again?

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