First Ilya gets a free trip to Rodeo drive and has Dean drive his price up about an extra 20 million – the entire time with no inkling of ever playing for the Shotcount Heroes – now this? I think that if you go right now to the arena and look up, you can still find Quick’s jockstrap!


Devils CRUISE in the Shootout, as “Quick” moves  “Slow” on Kovalchuk and Parise, and the stonehanded Shotchount Heroes go 0 for 2.


Dean, it’s going to really come back to bite you. I see you in these season previews talking like you’ve already built a Cup team. Talking about the hard road to get here and how you never once strayed from the plan .. I don’t know, Dean, seems like offering Kovalchuk 85 million was a little bit of a stray you idiot. But anyway, keep in mind you now have one playoff series under your belt, what is it year 6?, and you LOST that round.


Do something, then pop off you guido-acting low rent gangster.


Ilya for Calder!!!


6 Responses to “Kovalchuk Schools Deano and “Quicker” again!”

  1. Realist Says:

    Loser point = Good loss

  2. Dick Pole Says:

    I’m sure there are a lot of reasons the Kings have trouble signing quality free agents — the travel, the fact that they historically suck ass, Deano’s tough guy persona and the way he airs everyone’s dirty laundry in the media. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Shotcount Heroes are the red-headed stepchild of the Anschutz empire. Fucking guy made his team eat a home game to do the Eurotrip and why? Because he owns both Eurobarns. To the beancounters, it was actually two home games (and sellouts at that). If you’re a player, you gotta love these lengthy road trips the team has to now endure on an annual basis so that Staples can accommodate the DNC, X Games, the Grammys, Ringling Bros or whatever cash cow is being paraded through town. It’s no secret that Uncle Phil views his Shotcount Heroes as second class citizens.

    I would love to see these business decisions fuck this team on the ice. Like, say, they miss the playoffs by a single point. Do you think the missing home game or a month of February where they have to play 10 road games against 4 home games would have anything to do with that?

  3. kingster Says:

    You really should watch that FSN King season preview or whatever. I saw about 2 minutes of it and it was pretty much Dean giving himself accolades for how much he’s accomplished, and then graciously accepting those accolades. I think the guy has made himself like Elvis, no one around him will question anything he says or does. He offers Kovalchuk 80 mill, fails, and they all come and congratulate him. He is there 6 years, makes ONE playoff round, LOSES, and now is pretty much doing a Stanley Cup parade. Face facts Dean, you are a stupid man!

  4. TheGreenLaser Says:

    He’s made two playoff rounds, not one genius. Lombardi sucks regardless.

  5. Dick Pole Says:

    Toe is going senile, give him a break.

  6. kingster Says:

    Fuck you guys.

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