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An arrogant bully and a jerk. This guy didn’t have an evil side, he was all evil. And, of course, the media won’t say so. No one wants to admit he was an arrogant, unlikeable loudmouth.

His firing of Lane Kiffin was a joke. His benching Marcus Allen, pretty much one of the nicest guys ever, was unbelievable. His screwing the City of Irwindale out of 10 million bucks. His screwing the fans of Oakland, then LA … unbelievable. His “us against them” mentality is fine for football ON THE FIELD, but it’s ridiculous off the field.

And look at the fans he attracted. I went to one Raider game when they played at the Coliseum. A preseason game against he Browns. Who cares, right? Well I cared, because I ended up sitting next to  a couple of guys in Browns jerseys. I ended up pelted with shit all night, watched them get in 2 separate shoving matches before finally throwing punches and having about 12 guys in the deal get thrown out. I left voluntarily.


So when he dies, Roger Goodell is on TV talking about all Al did for the league. Holy crap. What Al did for the league was screw Pete Rozelle at every opportunity, conduct himself like he was a mob boss of a second tier family and pretty much do donuts on the NFL’s front lawn for 20 years, all the while dragging the league down with his pathetic team that drew the worst of fans and publicity.

There were 3 “good things” said about him:

1) He was loyal to his players. Yeah, until they crossed him. Ask Lane Kiffin, Marcus Allen and the other countless players and coaches he screwed over.

2) He loved his Raiders. I saw one quote ” you can never take that away from this classy man – the way he loved his Raiders”. LOL. So that is what marks your life, how much you love the football team you own? Al Davis loved the idea of squashing other people. Of treating them rude and unfair and running them over. His love for the “raiders”? Who gives a damn. Georgia Frontiere loves her Rams. Osama Bin Laden loves his Al Quaeda. Plenty of assholes love stuff.

3) He was so great to minorities. YEAH RIGHT! He was great to ASSHOLES! He took in every son of a bitch he could find. True, he didn’t care if they were black or white or just out of jail, all he cared about was that they fought, stole and tried to fuck people up.

He was an asshole. I’m glad he’s dead and so is Roger Goodell. I guess if you think you are in the “media” you can’t say anything bad about a dead guy, but I can. So fuck Al Davis.

3 Responses to “AL DAVIS WAS AN ASSHOLE”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    I’m a Raider fan and I’m glad that old fucker is dead. Fuck him for ruining my favorite team and fuck him for being an all around tyrannical asshole. He and Steve Jobs can both rot in hell for all I care.

  2. Dick Pole Says:

    When Anschutz kicks the bucket, do you think they’ll be saying, “Well, he sure loved his Kings”?


  3. hamertime Says:

    I wish he’d dye already!

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