The big night of debauchery in Vegas, where he got his butt handed to him 4-1, ended in Puck the Ducks telling this HYSTERICAL story about how he couldn’t remember his room number (probably had 1 too many cosmos out of a plastic bag in Doug W8’s room) ¬†and ended up trying to open random doors in his hotel. Well he NAMES the hotel .”America’s Best Value Inn”. Now I always make fun of the idiots that go to Vegas and say shit like “they probably stayed in the strip-adjacent super 8”, but that’s what this fat, dancing chick magnet did. This is a strip adjacent MOTEL where I’m guessing he got 4 to a room at 49 dollars a night, with some coupon deal bringing it down to 29 a night. Split 4 ways, he probably paid 22.50!


This is a grown man, allegedly with a job and he travels a lot and is like a regular adult. And he stays here in Vegas:


8 Responses to “Puck the Ducks is at it again!!”

  1. hamertime Says:

    Fuck I’d kill myself before I ever stayed in a shit hole like that!

  2. kingster Says:

    Hamer, have you ever gone to any city on vacation, and brought your own booze so that you could “party” in your hotel room? That’s what these dipshits do. They hold parties in their hotel rooms in Vegas.

  3. TheGreenLaser Says:

    No fucking way! Isn’t this asshole a travel agent or some shit? Don’t they have the inside track on sweet insider deals (not the kind we joke about but the real shit)? This is the best this fat fuck can do? Hell, I know a chick who is a travel agent. She drives a brand new Lexus and wants to take me to Jamaica. Pretty sure the hotel is 4 star too.

  4. hamertime Says:

    I stayed at Bacara in Santa Barbara last weekend with the chick and we brought 2 bottles of Orin Swift’s Prisoner and Papillon because she really enjoys them. Fuck if it was up to me I would have just ordered the Sea Smoke from room service and ate the 50% markup! Well fuck I did anyways so I got my way!

  5. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Lets put it this way…..I can no longer be a guest of the Americas Best Value Inn, on tropicana….I guess I went from door to door, trying my key and got security called on me. They had to escort me back to my room. I got a wonderful email today from the manager. Oh well, the place is a dump anyways….LOL

    ……..HOLY SHIT! Can you imagine this ugly fucker trying to open the door to you room? Too bad he didn’t get his ass shot.

  6. Tonga Says:

    PucktheDucks is a gay fag, and we are all hoping he shoots himself.

  7. Dick Pole Says:

    I’m a member of ABVI Zinc Rewards and it’s pretty darn cool. They upgrade you from generic freeze dried coffee to Foldger’s crystals after only three nights!

    I’m not a cofee drinker, but I snap that stuff up and find another use for it. With the holidays coming up, it makes a pretty good stocking stuffer for the coffee drinker in your life.

  8. Unruely35 Says:

    Don’t tell him I said so, but it’s true. EVERYONE hates Puck the Ducks but is afraid to say so because of the scary “I’m going to kill myself’ factor. We wish he would, we just don’t want to feel responsible. And he’s way too disgusting for a pretty girl like me.

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