So the ultimatum was only a “what if”??? LOL.


Dean Lombardi has proven once again that he’s a FAKE wannabe Soprano star. The quotes were CLEAR. Doughty will make NO MORE than Kopitar and he’ll take 7 years.




Instead of 7 years, 6.8 and right at Kopy’s contract, he gets 8 years 7 million. What’s the difference? Well tell it any way you want, but Doughty now gets MORE than Kopitar.


And the real way to slice it is this. Dean’s DROP DEAD NUMBER was 47.6 for 7 years. Instead Doughty got  56 for 8. I’ll do the math for you ….


Doughty got 8.4 million for that extra UFA year. Way to hold the line, Dean. The guy won’t take your ultimatum so you offer him one more year at 8.4!!! A fatso that held out on you!!


Here’s the message: If you are negotiating with Dumbo Dumbardi, wait till the very last possible minute becuase he PANICS and folds his tent!!!!!


  1. king_stoner Says:

    the real loser is you and all ducks fans!!!! we got the best Dman out there for 8 years.

    so, your source that told you doughty wanted out of LA to live life in the big apple…. what happened with that?

    in this ‘blog’, you called lombardi a ‘FAKE wannabe Soprano star’ for paying so much for drew. yet, in one of your previous ‘blogs’, you stated that lombardi was dumb for not realizing you have to pay for someone’s UFA years.

    youre such a fucking moron.

  2. kingster Says:

    You need to embrace your stupidity, KS and stop letting your emotional “I love the Kings they wear bitchen blacks uniform” crap get in the way. Dean fucked this one up. He could and should have got DD for that number a month ago, quietly. Instead, he puffed out his chest, stuck out his chin and Meehan KNOCKED HIM OUT COLD. Dean promised that DD would have to take 6.8 and would have to take less than Kopi. WRONG. Dean promised that DD’s contact would go down each day he “held out” and instead it went up … not DOWN 25k a day, but UP 8.4 million dollars.

    I invite you to read back through my Dumbo Dumbardi posts. When you do, please note that my DD to LA deal was a mocking insult directed at your butt buddy the alleged dancing gay Matt Ferry, blogger to the stars. Any imbecile can make that crap up, but it takes a real imbecile like you to think I was serious.

    Carry on, moron.

  3. Eklund Says:

    Doughty is getting traded this season. He’s on the Dean’s shit list.

  4. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Dude, I read a Kingster claim that Lombardi SAVED $5.2 million dollars on this deal because he had offered the fatman $61.2 million over 9 years. So, since Doughty signed for only $56 million that means a $5.2 million saving. Just ignore the term and it makes sense.

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